Project X in La Habra Heights: 14 Teens Broke into Mansion and Caused $1 mil in Damage: DA

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Sometimes I think back with shame at having thrown pieces of ham and saltine crackers around David Fox's living room during a party in high school while his folks were away. So I'd be downright suicidal if I were one of the 14 teens charged with breaking into a mansion last November and throwing a blowout that resulted in more than $1 million in damages and losses while the owner was out of town.

The 90,000-square-foot pad is in La Habra Heights, which overlooks La Habra but is actually part of Los Angeles County.

The teens, who ranged in age from 15 to 17 at the time of the Nov. 23-24 party, were arraigned Wednesday in Pomona Juvenile Court, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office.

All 14 teens face misdemeanor trespassing charges. Nine of them are also accused felony residential burglary, and four of those are also charged with grand theft.

Six boys and one girl pleaded not guilty Wednesday and are due back in Juvenile Court for another hearing June 3. Six other boys and another girl are set to return there May 1.

The illegal party was allegedly advertised via social media and drew more than 100 teens who paid admission to enter, according to prosecutors, who claim the mansion was looted and trashed and a mounted snow leopard, designer clothing and medieval armor were stolen.

OK, maybe ham pieces and cracker crumbs aren't so bad after all.

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It will be the ensuing CIVIL suit where they---and their fine parents---will really feel the burn. 


lock them up please all 14 of spoil brat their parents must be proud of their kids

JBinOC topcommenter

But how 'bout David Fox serving *ham* while his parents were away...

unless it was Hebrew National brand, that's way more rad than throwing pieces of the stuff.....


That's what you get, you snow leopard mounting bastards...

ltpar topcommenter

The parents of the kids should be ordered by the court to pay restitution as part of the final sentence.  Hit em where it hurts, in the pocket book and perhaps they will keep their delinquent kids under control in the future.  

Alan Boval
Alan Boval

Scott DiMascio Yea - read about this when it happened a few months ago.... that house has been for sale for quite a while - sucks for the owner to deal with it, but in the end sucks for the rest of us cause insurance is going to pay for the whole thing...and then we wonder why rates in LA/OC keep going up...

949girl topcommenter

It sounds like the ham and crackers incident has been haunting you for years.

David Quesada
David Quesada

This is the same guy who's boat lost power and he hit the Balboa pier.

Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor

On the one hand that's sad. On the other, people with mounted snow leopards don't exactly inspire sympathy.


"The 90,000-square-foot pad is in La Habra Heights, which overlooks La Habra but is actually past of Los Angeles Count."  What does this sentence mean?

20ftjesus topcommenter

"The film garnered 28 percent approval from 130 critics on Rotten Tomatoes."

fishwithoutbicycle topcommenter


It might have been more tragic if you had tossed "da brie" all over the place. It's a shame to waste real cheese. :-D

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