2 Separate Reports of Helicopter or Military Jet Chasing UFOs in Orange County Skies

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Two different witnesses reported seeing a sphere-shaped UFO chased by aircraft--the first a helicopter, the second a military jet--within days of one another from two different Orange County locations.

The first report was over Anaheim on Feb. 11 and the second came from an undisclosed OC beach on Saturday, according to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The similarities of the two sightings was originally observed in a recent Examiner.com post.

The Anaheim witness was indoors at a computer at 6:25 p.m. when the loud sound of a helicopter flying low sent the person outside to the backyard.

"I saw that the ground in the backyard was lit up pretty good," the witness stated. "I say 'lit up' because it was dark out and we have a patio cover so the sky is somewhat blocked."

The witness first looked up and out to the west to see a shining, orb-like object before realizing the UFO was actually being illuminated by a chasing helicopter's search light. While the chopper was noisy as both craft moved from west to east, the orb made no sound at all, according to the witness.

"I was in awe on just how low these two were in the sky and on how the orb was just so bold and solid and brilliant," the witness stated. "It was like a star passing by right in front of me. The helicopter had its blinking red and white lights on with the search light, but when the helicopter shined the light on the orb, it kept going out, or so it seemed."

They eventually disappeared into the distance. But two hours and 24 minutes before, a similar sighting had taken place in Missouri, according to MUFON, except the helicopter following the orb in the skies there was described as definitely being military.

"I saw a black military attack helicopter hauling ass just over my house at or below 300 feet from my roof top," said the witness, who was watching television at home in Lone Jack, Missouri, at the time.

The witness claimed the copter chased the gray object with lights coming off it toward the direction of Kansas City.

The Orange County beach incident came around midnight on Feb. 15, when the witness who had been sitting in a car heard loud jet noise overhead, exited the vehicle and saw a military jet chasing a white orb about 500 feet above the ocean approximately a half mile from the coast.

MUFON says it's pretty common to receive reports from around the country where a military jet or helicopter appears to be following or chasing a UFO. Follow-up investigation uncovers explanations for some, but many are filed away as "unknown."

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I actually saw a helicopter followed by a bunch of silver orbs yesterday (6/18/14) near Provo UT.


Great post Matt!

JGlanton topcommenter

This is how cops get their party balloons without paying for them. Whenever a cop's kid has a birthday, they send up the choppers to round up the freebies that are always floating off from metropolis.

18usc241 topcommenter

Just more experimental aircraft testing courtesy our military industrial complex. The military aircraft "chasing" the "UFO" is probably meant to both fool you and be on scene immediately if the new thingamabob crashes. The thingamabob will be made public in about 10 years. I worked for people who worked on thingamabobs


Sounds like you Tim Bolen. Are they outside your cabin in FS costune?


No picture or video?  Then, it never happened.

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

Of course it is impossible there was some sort of test going on or research or exercise, or training mission, or law enforcement aid, or experiment. The only possible explanation is UFO.


@Brainwashed_in_church All UFO means is Unidentified Flying Object.  

It very well may be what you speculate, however, until we know for certain, it is indeed a UFO, in the strictest sense of the acronym.

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