Stuff White People Like? Irvine!

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You know Stuff White People Like, the popular (and hilarious) blog that was spun into a New York Times bestseller?

Using the same criteria Stuff White People Like used to discover what stuff white people like, a wacally real estate site has compiled the top 10 American cities white people like most, and our own Irvine finished No. 5.

Irvine is the 10th Most "Saintly" City in U.S. But Long Beach is at No. 8 and NYC is No. 1 (!?!)

Two things struck me about this:

1) Irvine sure as hell winds up on a lot of top 10 lists; search our archives for "Irvine" and "top 10" and I'm sure a bunch of results will come back because it seems as if I've blogged about 'em a bunch lately.

2) I was just interviewing an Irvine resident (yes, he's white and loves it there) at a Mexican joint in the Woodbridge area and, as I was sitting outside before he showed up around lunchtime, it struck me that me, a young guy with a red beard and a guy in military fatigues were the only white people occupying bench seats. There were also a couple Latinas (one in military fatigues sitting across from the white guy wearing the same) and a WHOLE bunch of Asian folks of every age there and inside and outside adjacent shops.

Which just means Irvine is very diverse--and you know how much white people love diversity. They have entire human relations commissions, bouts of white guilt and guard-gated communities devoted to that love!

Irvine finished at No. 5 in the Movoto Top Cities White People Like rankings, just ahead of Seattle and just behind Jersey City, New Jersey. (WTF?)

Portland, Oregon was numero uno, and the only other California cities to crack the top 10 were San Francisco (No. 2) and Glendale (No. 10).

Among the 25 criteria examined to compile these rankings were number of soccer teams, tattoo shops, farmer's markets and microbreweries. Which reminds me: I need to break for a $7 glass of double IPA brewed in an oak wine barrel and named Satan's Undergarments or somesuch.


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vegandawg23 topcommenter

Is coker black or just white guilted. Noone wants to live with a bunch of lowlifes. I mean the mexicans in Santa Ana aren't that bad but Long Beach and Los Angeles are crapholes for the most part. Anyplace you hear mentioned in rap lyrics isn't somewhere you want to live. Not sure why this is news or something to be surprised about. What's next newsflash "White people don't want their houses robbed and stuff stolen"; "White people don't want to be offered crack cocaine when they walk down the street to buy a cup of coffee and a newspaper." "White people don't like living around gang members blasting crap music."


What does a gated community have to do with race? Some articles just aren't meant to be taken seriously.


As a New Jersey escapee, ("What Exit?"), I guess Jersey City's inclusion on the list probably stems from it's being only a PATH tube (subway under the Hudson River) ride away from Manhattan and the Financial District, and (at least for now) at least a FEW steps behind the onerous taxation and living cost of NY. Otherwise, your (gag) reflex response was correct.


How could Glendale make the list?  Isn't it all armo?


gee, coker, even someone with an obvious intelligence issue such as you can figure this out... whites, like most people,  want to live with people who are educated and well behaved, thus this weeds out the darker aspects of humanity...repeat after me... if its brown, flush it down.... 

BillxT topcommenter

... but choose Irvine, NYC, ..., anyway. Go figure.

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