Tustin Joins Santa Ana and Newport Beach in Holding DUI Checkpoint Tonight: Update

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See the update at the end of this post with details on Tustin's DUI checkpoint tonight.

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ORIGINAL POST, FEB. 21, 6:26 A.M.: If you were planning to drive from Newport Beach to Santa Ana tonight--or vice versa--you could find yourself passing through two DUI checkpoints.

Lucky you!

Actually, if those cities are on your itinerary, and you want to ensure you'll miss at least one sobriety stop, you are in luck. We know where one of the two operations will be!

It's the Santa Ana Police Department's, at 1400 S. Bristol St., from 9 tonight through 3 a.m. Saturday.

Newport Beach's ends at the same time, but starts an hour earlier, "at an undisclosed location within the city limits," according to cops there.

Funding for both checkpoints is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

UPDATE, FEB. 21, 10:54 A.M.: The Tustin Police Department has announced a DUI checkpoint of its own from 8 tonight through 3 a.m. Saturday somewhere in the city.

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JBinOC topcommenter

I can't understand how publicizing the location of a DUI checkpoint is a good thing.  Lives [plural] are changed forever because of death and injury in DUI/DWI accidents.  If one less person is killed or maimed because someone was detained at a checkpoint, we've succeeded. 

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