Nik Richie Swears He Can Afford Disneyland

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A gossip site claims Nik Richie has taken such a financial hit, the founder of cannot afford to pay his bill for a Disneyland season pass.

But Richie countered on his own site that he did not even know why his credit card did not clear for his pass payment, that all is good with the Mouse again and that he even visited the Anaheim theme park just last week.

The original claim came from Maxine Page of Popdust, where it's posted, "Is it a case of Richie to rags for founder?"

The "exclusive report" goes on to say that while 34-year-old Richie "never seems to have any problem forking out for his tequila and champagne fueled nights of hard partying in Sin City," that "when it comes to his young daughter's entertainment, the self-promoting big mouth comes up decidedly short."

Popdust claims this is the arrears notice Richie was sent "after failing to meet the measly $15.59 monthly dues:"

The gossipers point to a possible source of Richie's un-richness: the $338,000 in damages a federal jury ruled he must pay to a former NFL cheerleader he allegedly defamed.

But on, Richie titles his response, "I Should Get A Free Disney Cruise For This, My Statement."

First, he writes, " should change its name to I understand hating on me makes you guys money. I understand the business model. I'm more ashamed of Disney for letting some cubicle warrior sell my personal information."

He assures everyone "I AM NOT BROKE," says he does not know why his credit card did not go through and claimed to still be in good standing with the Mouseketeers. He then includes a link to his Instagram that shows him at the park two Mondays ago.

He closes with, "Case closed..."

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Interesting to note that the $15.59 payment gets you the lowest tier pass Disney offers and it does not cover parking. It certainly sounds like Nik isn't living a life of luxury or else he could afford a better pass. The Southern California Select pass that Nik has is commonly referred to as the babysitter pass because people buy them for their kids and then drop them off at the park thinking they will be safely supervised by park employees.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@roman_archer Ha, did you read years ago about such kids eventually getting so bored with the park that they joined forces to mess with Disney security?

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