Muhammad Irfan Khan, Market Clerk, Allegedly Tried to Cash in Lottery Ticket He Claimed Lost

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A market clerk in Fullerton is scheduled to be arraigned this morning on charges he tried to fraudulently receive a state lottery prize from someone else's winning Scratchers ticket.

Muhammad Irfan Khan, 48, of Anaheim, was arrested in a sting that had him allegedly telling an undercover investigator a winning ticket was no good, keeping the ticket and then trying to claim the $1,000 prize, according to prosecutors.

A statement from the Orange County District Attorney's office does not indicate what prompted the California State Lottery's law enforcement branch to target FM Food Store for a fraud investigation. But, on Oct. 22, 2013, an undercover investigator from that state agency entered the market on Harbor Boulevard in Fullerton with three special, traceable decoy Scratchers tickets.

Two were losing tickets and the third was a $1,000 winner. But after Khan checked the tickets in the state lottery computer system, he allegedly told the undercover all three were losing tickets.

Khan is accused of keeping the winning ticket after the investigator left the store and then fraudulently mailing the winning ticket in--after signing the Winner Claim Form under penalty of perjury stating he was the rightful owner. Khan allegedly did the same on Dec. 2.

He is charged with felony attempted grand theft, computer access and fraud, perjury by declaration and presenting a false claim. He was booked into jail on $20,000 bail and could spend up to four years in state prison with a conviction.

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I called him out i watched him tell the lady her ticket was a loser! as soon as she left he pulled it out of the trash! I got all up in his kool-aid! called the police but i had no proof so nothing could be done! 

i See karma GOT HIM 3 YEARS LATER!!! 

Bill Martin
Bill Martin

piece of shit this happens all the time shoot the prick


@barbiewanna_b you should file a complaint with the DA..  if this clown gets a Felony conviction, he likely will be deported back to the middle east.

vegandawg23 topcommenter

@jamiepizza99  Hopefully they deport his family, friends and countrymen too.Doubt they're happy here with all the moral depravations all around them. Scantilly clad women boozing, driving cars and dancing like little harlots. Free speech. People aren't praying 5 times a day like idiots and making tons of noise. 

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