Kim Pham Beating Death 9-1-1 Call: "There Were Guys and Girls Hitting Her"

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Kim Pham, R.I.P.
"There were guys and girls hitting her," a woman tells a dispatcher in a frantic 9-1-1 call from outside The Crosby nightclub in Santa Ana on Jan. 18, when 23-year-old Kim Pham sustained the vicious beating that took her life.

The dispatcher had just asked why the woman on the ground was lifeless after the witness reported, "There's a fight right here off Broadway and 4th Street. There's a girl that's unconscious."

The Santa Ana Police Department just released audio of the emergency call to the media.

Here is the version KNBC4 posted on its site:

Key points:

* After the dispatcher informs that paramedics are on their way, the witness who would later identify herself as "Priscilla" says of Pham, "She's breathing now. She just took a deep breath."

* The people who beat up Pham are reported to be "Asian men and women. ... They were probably 23 or 24." Murder defendants Vanesa Tapia Zavala, 25, and Candace Marie Brito, 27, are Latinas.

* Priscilla said club security took off after those who beat Pham and ran onto Fourth Street heading toward Main Street.

* She did not know either group involved in the fight and did not see the actual beating, having just exited the club. (Making one wonder how she knew their ages, sexes and nationalities, hmmm ...) Priscilla explains she took the cell phone of one of Pham's sobbing friends and called 9-1-1.

* About halfway through the 5:37-minute call, Priscilla says Pham is "OK" and "breathing." She describes the victim as about 23, Vietnamese and named Kim (all correct; it should be noted you could hear people in the background providing some details to Priscilla).

* "One of the security guards picked her up and she pissed herself," Priscilla reports near the end of the call. "I don't know if that matters. She's still breathing."

* No security guards stayed with Pham. "They didn't even know what to do, they didn't even know what to do," Priscilla repeats.

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Lock those mexis b!tches thug for good.

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter


THROWING THE FIRST PUNCH doesnt mean you are the instigator or the guilty one

If you have ever been surrounded by a hostile crowd or a threatening, in your face person

sometimes throwing the first punch is all you got going for you

as move through our tainted world where revenge is oft the main motivator for "justice"

we lose sight of the real goal

punish the guilty









Glad they will stand trial. A new spin seems to be getting put on this, but bottom line, 3 on 1 where the one is smaller and gets kicked in the head sounds like murder, even if claims that Kim instigated prove true. They were a group of five who were leaving. Walk away. If your friend is in a fight, pull the women apart, don't wait to kick the other girl in the head. Kim paid with her life. Time Brito and Ayala did the same.


Dear Readers, in my alleged opinion:

This incident appears to be the typical alleged inter-racial hate-crime so common in America today.  If the victim had been the same ethnicity as her assailants, then she probably would have just allegedly gotten a knock-down beating with no alleged fatal kicks to the head.

Prosectors will probably try to convict the alleged assailants for alleged murder, but with only a 15-year to life sentence, allegedly.  But, if prosecuted as a hate crime, they'd allegedly probably get life without parole.

Perhaps the alleged assailants should use "racial profiling" as a defense.  If I recall correctly, anyone who allegedly is non-caucasian, who allegedly claims he or she has been allegedly racially profiled, are generally given preferential treatment in the legal system, allegedly.

Maybe the alleged hispanic racial supremacist organizations like MALDEF or La Raza will intercede and cut a deal with the District Attorney's Office to show leniency to the alleged assailants.

I think I have allegedly covered my bases here, in case someone allegedly wants to sue me for alleged defamation or some other alleged frivolous legal action.

I once was sued by someone for alleged defamation for allegedly writing and posting my opinions on blogs, and allegedly saying things on talk radio that upset the suitor.  The courts threw out the law suits, allegedly claiming I simply exercised my alleged irrevocable right to free speech.  The alleged suitor still allegedly owes me about $80,000 in court sanctions, I allegedly think.

So, be careful what you think, say, or write, kids.  There is always some alleged sociopath out there who will allegedly try to sue you for allegedly upsetting their alleged idyllic and delusional life.  

But, be more careful if you sue someone for alleged defamation because the courts always seem to side with the person being sued.  KInd of a "free speech guarantee" thing, I guess.

Maybe I should have been a lawyer?  On second thought, I am dangerous enough without also being a lawyer.

Allegedly Yours,

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project


I am positive the males were responsible for the fatal kick.  mexis play "futball" like a religion .  They get lots of practice kicking


The fact that Emilia Avila (Calderon) has not been arrested (or even interviewed) along with the other Hispanics males are quite telling.  It is difficult to comprehend that the SAPD has yet to arrest these other suspects.  What else does this suggest?


@jimgilchrist Jim you deserve all the shit and hate you get..Asshole never served a day in the Military.


@jimgilchrist Look. Here's the moral of the story. YOU WANNA PLAY "GANGSTA" YOU END UP IN 2 PLACES: THE GRAVE OR THE PEN.

Unless you are Fullerton Police of course, then you just end up at Dennys.


@arturoxxmatador @jimgilchrist  

How wrong and dumb you are.  

USMC infantry, Vietnam War, 1967 - '69.  It was truly an unforgettable and heroic experience for me, despite taking a bullet while rescuing one of my fellow Marines.  Certainly more bold and daring than anything you have done, unless you consider sharpening a pencil (with an electric pencil sharpener) a bold or daring experience.

Never challenge a war veteran about his (or her) combat experience unless you like wearing a dunce cap, sounding like Frank Mickadeit,  or being called "chicken little."  

Being stupid is why the alleged murderers of Kim Pham are in jail awaiting a trial that could send them to prison for life.  

Let's hope you don't make the same mistake those dummies made. 

Hasta La Vista, chicken little.

Jim Gilchrist, Proud Minuteman and Vietnam War Veteran

PS.  The Marine I rescued was an African American.  So don't try playing the stupid race card on me.  


@ElChapo1 @jimgilchrist  

El Chappo,  I agree with your first comment.  Good advice to anyone considering dabbling in the gangster lifestyle.

But I disagree with your second comment.  I stand by the Fullerton PD and the officers subjected to a witch-hunt-inspired prosecution by an overzealous prosecutor.  


Jim Gilchrist 

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