James Ray Guerrero, "Pastor" Who Molested 2 Boys, Gets 15 to Life Over Prosecutor Objections

From praying to preying
A self-appointed pastor who held "church" services and Bible studies in his Westminster home was sentenced today to 15 years to life in state prison for sexually assaulting two male relatives beginning when they were 12.

But the Orange County District Attorney's office objected to the sentence Superior Court Judge Michael Beecher gave 54-year-old James Ray Guerrero, arguing for a term of 120 years to life in prison, or three years less than the maximum allowed under state law.

"Pastor" James Ray Guerrero Guilty of Sex Acts with Boys at His In-Home Bible Studies

An OCDA statement that detailed the objection also revealed victim impact statements written by a mother and grandmother of the victims were read to Beecher today, describing "the violation of trust and robbing of the victims' innocence."

Guerrero repeatedly assaulted the boys sexually after they were brought to church services or Bible studies in his home, which attracted as many as 40 congregants. He masturbated the boys, showed them porn and attempted sodomy on one.

The "pastor" warned both boys not to tell anyone what had happened, but one informed family members after reaching age 15. That led to a Westminster Police Department investigation that produced the second boy.

A jury on Nov. 27, 2013, found Guerrero guilty of eight felony counts of lewd acts upon a child under 14, one felony count of distributing pornography to a minor, and sentencing enhancement allegations for substantial sexual conduct with a child and lewd acts on more than one child.

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Every time a child predator receives a jail sentence that is even close to appropriate I keep thinking someone should call hell and see if they're having a cold snap because it's rare that degenerates who prey on children get more than a paltry few years behind bars. I see much harsher sentences handed down to folks who steal money...is that more precious than a child's innocence?


This is really SICK, using God's word and teaching to molest children, this man will really learn the lessons of molesting children when he gets to PRISON, they don't tolerate this kind of behavior towards children, and I do not feel sorry for him. These boys will forever be tormented by this for the rest of their lives, I only hope and pray that their parents will get them into some kind of mental treatment, so that they will know that this is not their fault, that they did not do anything wrong, that they are victims of a sick, sick man who used and abused them and then told them not to tell anyone. 

PARENTS you had better TEACH your children to tell you anything that another person is doing to them, and have the door to communication WIDE OPEN so that your children will not be afraid to tell you what is happening in their lives.  Our children are the most precious people in the world, and they need all of the protection that they can get to survive this sick society that we live in.

God Bless our Children

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