Ian Jade Stone Claims Grand Theft Auto Inspired His Bank Robbery

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Those who pooh-pooh complaints that violent video games lead to real crimes should stop reading this now.

A 38-year-old Anaheim man claims the Grand Theft Auto video game inspired him to rob a bank Friday.

Ian Jade Stone told a teller at the U.S. Bank branch at 5701 E. Orangethorpe Ave., Anaheim, that captors strapped a bomb to him and if he didn't leave the bank with cash, they would make it go boom, according to the FBI.

Stone left with some money, but Anaheim Police Lt. Tim Schmidt told City News Service an informant's tip led to the alleged robber's arrest Saturday in San Luis Obispo, where he apparently has family.

While giving "a full confession," Stone explained he got the idea for the bank robbery from a version of Grand Theft Auto, FBI Special Agent Chris Gicking told the news service. I'm pretty sure I saw a scene like that in a recent movie also.

Held on $50,000 bail, Stone won't be able to spring himself with the bank loot. By the time of his arrest, the FBI agent explained, he'd given most of it away.

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Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers

Yeah! & burn the books, too! Stupid article.

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

this type of sht just tears up leftists

they love blame guns, but not the movies

except when it suites them

cant blame the person, unless it fits their needs

WE know people are influenced

by movies the media etc especially when raised in single parent households ( but that would run afoul of all those decades of feminism )

we know people PEOPLE need to be held responsible 

but then theres that whole,  we need people to vote for us so we talk about not judgin people

while we excoriate them for their weight and race etc 

then when politically expedient 

blame whitey , or if the bully is white,

more specifically , white gop types

949girl topcommenter

Totally off topic Matt, but you really should cover Bree Walker's dui arrest from yesterday.  He mug shot on TMZ is scary!

Joel White
Joel White

Plus, that ain't no Grand Theft Auto Mission I ever heard of! That sounds like the plot of that shitty Jesse Eisenberg movie 30 Minutes or Less. Look it up!

Joel White
Joel White

I think a 38 year-old grown man should know better.

Jason W Buckley
Jason W Buckley

That may be so....but how do you explain the violence that's been going on since the beginning of man's existence? The video games are not causing violence and making criminals, people need to be accountable for themselves.

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