Fereshteh Shafiee, Her Mom and Co-Worker Allegedly Sting Senior Care Office for $150,000

Two employees of the Orange County Social Services Agency (SSA) and the mother of one of them are accused of participating in a fraud scheme that cost taxpayers $150,000.

But only Fereshteh Shafiee, 52, of Mission Viejo, was arrested Wednesday. Her co-worker, Nahid Bijaripour Vakilian, a 55-year-old supervisor with the SSA's In-Home Support Services program who had been living in Lake Forest, is believed to have fled to Iran, according to authorities. Iran is also the first name of Shafiee's 72-year-old mother, who also was not in custody Wednesday and, like Vakilian, has an $150,000 warrant out for her arrest.

Between 2002 and 2010, and while working full-time with Vakilian in the In-Home Support Services (IHSS) program, Fereshteh Shafiee is accused of fraudulently claiming she was also the full-time caretaker for her parents, according to a statement from the Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA).

Despite not actually providing care for her parents in their Mission Viejo home, Shafiee allegedly billed the program for 509 hours a month. Keep in mind this was in addition to the 173 hours she spent at her real job at SSA, which would mean in a month with a total of 720 hours, Shafiee worked 682 hours--and she isn't even Mexican! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Vakilian approved Shafiee's caretaker hours, knowing they were fraudulent, and received a $150,000 loan from Shafiee, charges the OCDA. While having no medical condition that would require care, Iran Shafiee allegedly signed fraudulent documentation claiming her daughter was her caretaker and that she worked the hours as billed, prosecutors add.

When the SSA reviewed case files of high-hour caretakers in 2010, inconsistencies were discovered in Fereshteh Shafiee's documents, which were forwarded to the OCDA for investigation, say prosecutors.

She was charged Wednesday with felony counts of misappropriation of public funds and medical insurance fraud with sentencing enhancements and allegations for over $100,00 in loss, property loss over $65,000, and aggravated white collar crime over $100,000. Held on $150,000 bail and an order that she must prove money used to post bond comes from a legal and legitimate source, Shafiee is scheduled to be arraigned this morning in Santa Ana. A conviction could send her to prison for up to eight years.

Vakilian, should she ever be brought to justice, faces the same criminal counts, sentencing enhancements and maximum sentence as Fereshteh Shafiee, whose mother Iran Shafiee is charged with felony medical insurance fraud and the same sentencing enhancements as her daughter. If convicted, she could go to prison for six years.

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I thought medical billing fraud was an Armenian specialty.  Did they sell a franchise to these persies?

JBinOC topcommenter

But Persians are above the law.  


Glad to see that Karma has finally come to haunt Nahid Vakilian.  This witch would haunt latino workers under her and make up charges in failed attempts to fire them.  She made life so miserable for so many that most decided to retire early instead of putting up with crap.  I hope she gets arrested the minute she sets foot on American soil...if she ever does.  She was probably tipped off to the charges and that's why she's in Iran now.  She must be living a great life with the money she stole from OC taxpayers.  Her former employees are throwing a party to celebrate the downfall of this crazy bitch.

20ftjesus topcommenter

When I glanced at the SSA's logo above, my first reaction was, "why is someone playing drums in this picture?" 

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

Double billing is pretty common. Some of the work at home moms I know bill 40+ plus to their employers while taking care of their kids or feeding their Facebook addictions. I hear them on telecons with kids yelling in the background. When you see these moms, their faces are tan, their nails are done, and they have tennis rackets in the backseat of their cars.. When you call them with a work related question, they rarely answer the phone or if they do, you hear the barrista calling out in the background "Double Frat, extra whip...".

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