Dana Rohrabacher is Missing! (from His Office When Climate-Change Activists Pay a Visit)

Activists who want to bring attention to the continuing problem of climate change paid a visit Thursday afternoon to the Huntington Beach office of a nationally known climate-change denier, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach).

Unfortunately for the Organizing for Action volunteers, the "Surfin' Congressman" wasn't there--and he wasn't away surfing judging by the dry surfboards in his suite.

It's too bad, because Rohrabacher has been a longtime denier, all the way to the days when it was known as global warming. He's got plenty of company; more than 130 Members of Congress refuse to accept climate change is real, much to the chagrin of 97 percent of the Earth's scientists and the majority of the American people.

While the Man of the Hour was not present in his Surf City office Thursday, photographer John Gilhooley still made it out, and here are some of this shots:

All photos by John Gilhooley/OC Weekly
OFA volunteers met at the Huntington Beach Pier and then walked over to Rohrabacher's nearby office.

At least it was air conditioned in the office hallway. The region's severe drought is part of what sparked the visit.

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