Addie Vincent is Poised to Make History as Transgender Contestant in Chapman Pageant

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Photo courtesy of Addie Vincent
There she is, Miss Addie Vincent!
A Chapman University student is poised to make history as the first transgender contestant in an all-female pageant.

Cassidy Lynn Campbell, Transgendered Homecoming Queen, is Already Sad: Video

Addie Vincent is already used to shaking things up on the private Orange campus. The 21-year-old senior tried last year to become the first transgender woman to be initiated into a sorority within Chapman's Greek system. After Vincent was cut from the process on the second day of rush, she announced plans to launch the first-ever, gender-neutral "frarority."

Speaking of Greeks, the men of Chapman's Delta Tau Delta Fraternity organized their first Delta Queen pageant in 2008. This philanthropic event not only crowns a woman on campus as queen but raises funds and awareness for the Beckstrand Cancer Association, a Newport Beach-based nonprofit that improves the lives of cancer patients and their families.

Vincent tells the Weekly she's been preparing the last three months to become the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity's representative at the Delta Queen contest, which crowns its winner the evening of March 7 March 12* in Chapman's Memorial Hall.

"I've had an enormous amount of support from the Chapman community already and have even received messages from both friends and strangers letting me know that I've inspired them to be proud of who they are," Vincent says. "It's an awesome chance to make a difference in our community, while also making history for the Queer community at Chapman."

The Canadian-born, Michigan-raised Peace Studies major figures this will be her last chance to make a big impact on campus.

"I knew that if I was a part of the competition, and possibly the winner, I would be making history for the Queer (LGBTQPIOUA+) community at Chapman and in Orange County," Vincent says. "Just a few months ago, a transgender woman was crowned homecoming queen at her high school in Huntington Beach."

That would be Cassidy Lynn Campbell, the Marina High School student who made history in September of last year--and, as Vincent is well aware, withstood a swift backlash.

"She faced harsh criticism from the nation for just being her beautiful and courageous self," Vincent observes. "I'm doing this to continue what she's started and to create more trans-visibility in the area."

Vincent concedes she is afraid of suffering a similar backlash, "but at the same time, I've been so overwhelmed with support and love from both friends and strangers. I get messages every now and then letting me know that I'm inspiring people in the Chapman community to be themselves and not let gender or sex hold them back from achieving their dreams."

Any fears soon give way to extreme anticipation.

"I feel so blessed to have such an amazing community of supporters and friends," Vincent says, "and I hope to continue making an impact at Chapman and in Orange County even after the pageant."

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* Event date corrected.

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creepy ass dude!!  he doesn't even have titts!   his jaw, hands, forearms and of course his chest, screams MAAAAAANNNN!!!!!!

Chris Harrison-Bash
Chris Harrison-Bash

"LGBTQPIOUA+" just let it sink in how ridiculous this special snowflake thing is getting.

JGlanton topcommenter

I work out and my thighs aren't that muscular

Kara Brussow
Kara Brussow

Christine Hernandez, Zoe Nicholson...did you guys see this?

paullucas714 topcommenter

Good for her. Cheers Addie!!

whateveryousay topcommenter

Great for you!  Go get it!

Now about that "Peace Studies".... who hires that degree?

20ftjesus topcommenter

I took a look at the other contestants' bio's and all I see are chicks looking for their MRS degree.  What a sad lot this is...Art, Communications, Dance, Peace Studies...HA!

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

This person will win simply because everyone wants to vote for this person so as to be able to be part of making history. Just like the homecoming queen a few months ago and (apolitically) Obama (meaning, a lot of people voted for him BECAUSE he was [half] black so they would be able to say the were part of making history). Besides, nobody votes for the issues anyway (half of Americans couldn't find Iraq on a map or realize it's wiser to pay down a 15% credit card balance than it is to pay down a 3% mortgage).


@20ftjesus I'm sure that's exactly what it is. Pursuing any kind of upper level education in the arts or politically driven majors like Peace Studies, definitely translates into only coming to college to look for a husband. It also definitely makes sense that you comment on this page, in support of a strong and courageous woman who is striving to better negative stereotypes, in order to post regressive commentary about not only women but any type of aesthetic education. Seems to me that these poised individuals aren't the ones that are part of a "sad lot". Congratulations, Addie and to all of the contestants, sounds like you've been working your butts off!


@Brainwashed_in_church you really have been brainwashed ... I wonder how your thinking would be different if you had (half) a brain?



I was wondering when some real haters were going to show up...and here you are. I suppose you think it's an acceptable practice to commit violence against the transgendered? Is that what their supposed to "expect" from society? Grow up.

20ftjesus topcommenter

@ssunshine11  Outstanding.  I've never been flamed so elegantly in my life.  :)

20ftjesus topcommenter

@FishWithoutBicycle But an English AA will get serve you 1000 times better than a degree in Dance, unless, you were private dancing for me, in which case, that degree would be perfect.  ;)

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