$1,000 Reward Offered for Stolen Urn

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Not the stolen urn.
The Costa Mesa Police Officers Association has kicked in $1,000 for the no-questions-asked return of a widow's stolen black-box urn, which contains the ashes of her late husband.

The woman's home on the north end of town was ransacked last week, and investigators believe the thief probably did not know what was inside the locked box that was taken.

Creating the perfect Brad Pitt-Al Gore mashup: "What's in the lock box?"

Costa Mesa police investigators have reportedly been searching pawn shops and resale websites, such as eBay and Craigslist, to see if someone is attempting to sell the box, as well as jewelry, a silver tea set and a crucifix--also containing hubby's ashes--that were also poached.

Mostly, police just want to recover the urn, according to Lt. Greg Scott, the department spokesman. You can call dispatch anonymously, or contact the lead investigator Det. J. Barnest at 714.754.5198. They will then make arrangements to disperse the reward.

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Eon RosVive
Eon RosVive

no ...it actually doesn't...but I bet you feel good when you say it

Michael Rios
Michael Rios

thats fucked up.. what goes around comes around.


They probably thought it was a tabletop safe.  That's the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture of it.


"That's not herbal tea...that's Herb."

All joking aside...I hope the ashes are returned.

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