Pennysaver Ad of the Week: No Creeps!

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It must be tough being a lady, having a male roommate and needing a second person to rent a room. On one hand, you need the money. But you don't want a second guy teaming up with the first to gang-sway you into anything uncomfortable.

And then there's the public displays of scratching, gas explosions and protest over E! Channel programming.

Keep that in mind while reading this week's Pennysaver ad of the week:


420 friendly--check!

OK with blacks and browns--check!

Can prove I'm not creepy--uh, depends on what your definition of "is" is ...

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I must give the lady props for her honesty. :-)

P.S. Coker, I don't consider you creepy. I, myself, am a "creep magnet" I know of what I'm talking about. ;-)

roman_archer topcommenter

@MathewTCoker Hey Matt, I'd like to take a moment to nominate my esteemed Huntington homeboy FishWithoutBicycle for Top Commenter status. He is SO deserving!



No worries. Of course I could ask why I felt the need to clarify that I'm, as some might say, an "innie" not an "outtie". :-)

roman_archer topcommenter

Oh freak me! I'm so embarrassed! Wonder why I just assumed. Silly me!



Appreciate that. :-) 

I don't think I'll make "top commenter" until I make my pseudonym my official username...planning on taking care of that soon...

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

@roman_archer I second that emotion (not that I have any sway on who is assigned a top commenter; am told it automatically kicks in at some point).

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