Orly Taitz "Evidence" of Obama's "Black Racist Regime" Pulled from White Supremacist Site

Orly Taitz, the Rancho Santa Margarita-based Queen of the Birfers, has lately taken to calling out the "black racist regime" of Barack Obama and Eric Holder, with her "demand" for "impeachment hearings" for the country's attorney general based on "evidence" from a white supremacist website. Taitz's latest online rant came before Fourth District Court of Appeal justices in Santa Ana on Thursday rejected her appeal of state election results on the fantasy that Obama was not born in the United States.

Taitz, who has filed and had tossed multiple lawsuits since 2009 challenging Obama's eligibility, had appealed a lower court ruling rejecting her attempt to prevent Secretary of State Debra Bowen from certifying results of the 2012 primary election. Her suit was against Obama, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Elizabeth Emken, who finished ahead of Taitz in the primary for a U.S. Senate seat.

The panel of appellate justices, like other judges and justices have before, noted multiple legal errors by Taitz. The justices also upheld a lower-court judge's ruling that Taitz owed Occidental College, where Obama was a student from 1979 to 1981, $4,000 in sanctions. Taitz has tried without success to force Occidential to release Obama's college application, which she claims had him list his birthplace as Kenya.

"The trial court denied her motion for a stay of certification and dismissed the proceeding on multiple grounds, including that Taitz never properly served defendants, failed to exhaust her pre-election remedies, that her challenge was barred by laches, and that only the Sacramento Superior Court has jurisdiction to hear such election challenges,'' the justices wrote in their opinion (hat tip to City News Service).

The justices also noted that Taitz failed to file her lawsuit on time and failed to file emergency motions to halt the general election while continuing her litigation even after the winners took office. She had argued her case herself before the appellate panel; no one argued on behalf of the defendants.

The Russian-born lawyer, who was cagey about her long (and losing) legal campaign having anything to do with race in the beginning, has been growing more bold about mentioning Obama's African American heritage negatively. Take her "evidence" of a "black racist regime," which came from New Nation News, which includes pages dedicated to "Aboriginal news," "Confederacy news" and "Dark crimes."

A Taitz disciple who goes by "Virginia W." posted on OrlyTaitzEsq.com a link to the New Nation News' "Black-on-white crime" page, which collects links to crime stories from around the country where a suspect is African American and a victim is Caucasian. That brought this New Year's Day observation from lawyer/dentist/real-estate saleslady Taitz:

Evidence of multiple knockout black on white attacks not being prosecuted by our black racist regime of Obama and Holder

More evidence of young black men beating up, mutilating and in some cases killing whites, particularly elderly, women and children. Black racist Eric Holder does nothing about it, only charged one white man with hate crime, did not charge any blacks, Demand impeachment hearings for Holder. Please, give me phone numbers of white men and women, who were victims of these attacks.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) considers New Nation News "a hate website" (although, to be fair, New Nation News would react, "Right back atcha").

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I'm sorry - I just saw such an egregious lie that Orly just told. She now claims she has never said anything racist after she called the POTUS a "black liar" and she culls her information directly from a white supremacist web site. I can't wait until somebody comes forward with audio of her using racial slurs. Can the OC Weekly create a contest?

Oh and one more thing - she's running for California Attorney General and she's going after the personal character of the incumbent - why don't we dig up allegations from her assistant that is ON THE RECORD and HE SIGNED AN AFFIDAVIT?

Orly, never throw stones when you live in a glass mansion.


I strongly suspected the Birther movement had racist underpinnings from its inception...looks like they'll be hard-pressed to deny it now.


There is no excuse for this type of racist behavior by Mrs. Taitz. Her cover has been blown. She is a anti-black racist and now the smoking gun has been revealed by none other than . . . Orly Taitz. She does read (and she has said so in the past) everything that she posts on her page and she should be designated as a race baiter as well as an insurrectionist, who has posted information to the forceful overtaking of the nation by "patriots."  She'll probably say that the OC Weekly is coming after her as she normally does - but when you've got the KKK as your supporters and you choose to network with them openly and without any fear - then Mrs. Taitz you reap what you sow. I wouldn't let her racist finger touch the mouths of me, my wife, or my family. She and her ilk can frankly, go straight to hell. She has spoken despairingly of African-Americans, Hispanics and thinks that all foreigners should be thrown out the country. I agree with her premise about immigration - this woman should be tossed out of the country immediately - her and her anchor babies. Thank you OC Weekly for running this story!!!


In Taitz's defense, she doesn't actually read the articles she links to. She's a "decedent" (her word, she means dissident) civil rights attorney who's too busy to do stuff like read and research and run spell check. She relies on racist morons like Virginia W. to do those things for her so that she can focus on her astute commentary and flawless legal excretions. 


Eric Holder IS a racist.  Even a broken clock is right twice a day.


I see that fine chica and think to myself "Man, do I want her hands in my mouth"...

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