Most Orange County Cities Earn Failing Grades for Stemming Tobacco Use

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It's a glass half full/tobacco pipe half empty disclosure from the American Lung Association.

As in, hey, gang, three Orange County cities received C grades when it came to efforts to stamp out tobacco-caused deaths and diseases.

Or ... DOH! ... every other OC city received stinkin' F's.

That's what it says--using different words up to and including DOH!--in the Lung Association's State of Tobacco Control 2014 report released this week in connection with the 50th anniversary of the historic 1964 Surgeon General's report that linked smoking to lung cancer and other diseases for the first time.

Each California city was graded based on whether laws are adequately protecting citizens from the toll tobacco use takes on lives and the economy. Laguna Hills, Laguna Woods and Santa Ana were the only OC cities that received the passing grades.

"Despite making great strides in reducing smoking rates in America, there is still much work to be done here in Orange County," said Dr. Afif El-Hasan, an American Lung Association in California Governing Board member, in the report announcement. "Tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable death and illness in the U.S."

"Once a national leader in tobacco control policies, California is now falling behind in protecting its citizens from tobacco," reads the announcement. "While the state earned an A grade for smoke-free air policies, it received a D for its low cigarette tax, an F for failing to sufficiently fund tobacco prevention and control programs, and another F for poor coverage of smoking cessation and treatment services."

Grades for all California cities can be found at

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Perhaps too much of the money/focus was spent on producing those ridiculous PSAs that seemed to have the sole purpose of shaming and vilifying tobacco smokers. Yeah, look how well that tactic worked. :-P ...Smoking is bad for you, but we live in a veritable soup of chemicals in the earth, water and blaming your neighbor who smokes for your respiratory problems is really too much. How about trying to get some cars off the road with more access to quality public transportation? How about taking major polluters to task more often for polluting our environment? How about eating right and exercising?

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

I watch too much TV and the government should do something about it.

I read OC Weekly too often and the government should do something about it.

I eat too many potato chips and the government should do something about it.

I don't floss my teeth and the government should do something about it.

I don't hold the door open for old ladies and the government should do something about it.

I earn $8/hour and I buy a new iFad every two months and the government should do something about it.

I look with desire at the hot moms in the neighborhood and the government should do something about it.

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