Is Manuel Ramos Still Trying to Sell T-Shirts with "Accused" On Them as Kelly Thomas Trial Winds Down?

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Back in March, disgraced Fullerton cop Manuel Ramos announced on Facebook his entrepreneurial skills to the world: he was starting a T-shirt line! And, more importantly, he was going to hawk T-shirts that read "ACCUSED" because, you know, he's accused of killing Kelly Thomas. Get it? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Absolutely vile.

Behold the T-shirt:

Screengrab from Ramos' Facebook page

In the comments, Ramos immediately started fielding orders:


Ramos hasn't posted any more requests on his Facebook page since. But, given his legal fees are no doubt astronomical, dont' be surprised if he starts hawking them at the Paramount Swap Meet next month...if he's free.

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