OC-Based Kush Bottles Has Your Baby-Proof Pot Bottles

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Jay Brockman
Last fall, the Obama Administration made history when it announced that it would not file lawsuits against Washington State and Colorado to prevent them from allowing the legal sale of recreational marijuana starting Jan. 1, 2014. But in making that announcement, the U.S. Justice Department listed several areas that it would continue to monitor in those states that allow the recreational or medicinal use of marijuana. Among them: harshly prosecuting anyone who allows pot to end up in the hands of minors.

With that in mind, a Santa Ana company called Kush Bottles, Inc. is marketing its product--baby-safe marijuana containers--as a way for dispensaries to ensure that we don't see an epidemic of high toddlers now that the war on weed seems to be reaching a somewhat fuzzy end.

According to a press release issued by Kush Bottles, which calls its product "The Official Bottle of the Marijuana Industry," the company is the largest distributor of child-resistant pot packaging in the country. The release cites a recent Denver Post headline that seems to suggest there's a need for baby-proof bottles in Colorado: "Pot Shops Struggle to Find Child Resistant Bags."

"There is simply no excuse for dispensary operators to use non-compliant or inferior packaging, especially when CPSC-tested containers utilizing FDA-approved materials are readily available," Nicholas Kovacevich, the chief operating officer of Kush Bottles says in the release. "We have invested a great deal of time and money in packaging design, testing and approvals, to be able to provide the public and Colorado dispensary operators with a range of products that meet or exceed all requirements for child safe packaging," he added.

The feds have already raided dispensaries in Colorado that appeared to have ties to Colombian drug traffickers--working with organized crime is another Bozo No-No the Justice Dept. mentioned as an enforcement priority. So dispensaries know they're being watched closely and given that the least they could do is put their weed in baby-proof bottles, Kovacevich could be on to something.

"The marijuana industry is now in the spotlight as never before," he says, "and it is imperative that dispensary operators and ancillary businesses conduct themselves in a fully compliant and ethical manner, and not seek shortcuts at this critical time when the eyes of the world are upon our every step."

Someday, growers of California's biggest cash crop may be free to pursue free markets by exporting marijuana to other states. Until then, there's Kush Bottles.

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Frankly, I'm still much more concerned about kids getting their hands on booze...and prescription pills. But of course I believe that anyone with children (and curious animals) should have ALL their drugs, recreational or prescribed, locked up tight!

paullucas714 topcommenter

" now that the war on weed seems to be reaching a somewhat fuzzy end."

We shall see if the OC is ready to stop this war in cannabis. We still have a few folks going to the box ion his issue.

paullucas714 topcommenter


Amen and that's a no brainer. The problem is, (going on the no brain-(er)), a majority of voters (senior citizens) are still stuck on stupid when it comes to cannabis. They still feel it is equally dangerous as the drugs it shares the schedule 1 designation with. and although that situation is changing at a glacial pace, it will still be a hinderance to the eventual place we need to get to which is total decriminalization of cannabis, legalization and recognition of Medical cannabis, and the legalization and normalization of recreational cannabis. I personally think these things like baby proof bottles and such add fuel tot he fire of stupidity when it comes to cannabis.

Its basically saying yes we recognize the danger this natural plant poses and we will cave into your stupidity and take measures like this. Its equal to making teenagers wear arm bound water floaties to go swimming in the pool.



Agree. I was thinking about how liquor manufacturers are not required to put child-proof devices on their products...funny how that works. Also, prescription drug abuse is apparently so prevalent among young people that there was recently a PSA on television about it. But I want to believe purveyors of cannabis products are willing to comply with silly rules for the time being if it means national legalization. Bigger fish to fry.

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