Kelly Thomas Protesters to Gather In Fullerton Tonight

Photo by Josue Rivas / OC Weekly
Bravery: Our 2014 Tianamen Square?
In the wake of last weekend's intense protests outside the Fullerton Police Department, Ron Thomas--father of the unarmed man cops brutally killed in 2011--announced Police Chief Dan Hughes has assured him that, though fired officers Manual Ramos, Jay Cicinelli and Joseph Wolfe no longer face criminal charges, he will not willingly rehire them.

Thomas broke the news in a Facebook post urging the public to attend tonight's 6:30 Fullerton City Council meeting but to not blame council members because an Orange County jury handed Ramos and Cicinelli "not guilty" verdicts and prosecutors then decided to drop a pending, pretrial case against Wolfe.

"I do not see a reason to go into this meeting mad as hell at the city council, as they were not part of the jury," Thomas wrote on Facebook. "I am asking that concerned citizens attend and voice their opinions, but none of us need violence to get our points across to the council. As for me, I will attend and make some comments, and I will also be thanking Chief Hughes for his continued position as far as reinstating the discharged officers."

In addition to outrage over the verdicts, activists who believe the officers got away with needlessly killing Kelly Thomas at the Fullerton Transportation Center in July 2011 are now unhappy that Hughes' department used riot police and an armored combat vehicle to intimidate protesters on Saturday.

Photo by Josue Rivas / OC Weekly
Fullerton riot police decided to show Saturday's Kelly Thomas killing protesters that violence remains their option
A White House petition calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to file federal charges against the officers involved in the beating death now has more than 12,300 signatures.

Go HERE to see the petition.

And go HERE to read our report on last weekend's protests.

Photo by Josue Rivas / OC Weekly
When those of us with government badges, guns and the ability to retire at the age of 50 with 100% taxpayer-funded pay for the rest of our lives (and also enjoy special, California rights to keep our on-duty conduct--including crimes--a secret from the public) tell you--mere, lowly citizens of the United States--to jump, you cower in fearful respect and ask: "How high?" And then when we don't kill you because Orange County juries say we can, you better feel lucky to walk away alive. Understand?
Fullerton's council chamber is located at 303 W. Commonwealth Ave.

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Mitchell_Young topcommenter

I like my anti-cop protests with a little homoerotic imagery. 

18usc241 topcommenter

This David Whiting character is reporting that Jay Cicinelli was receiving a disability pension from LAPD and a police salary from Fullerton PD. Is this correct? How can you receive disability and also work in the same job? The answer should not include the phrase POBR.

paullucas714 topcommenter

I never understood why Joe Wolf was going to be in a separate trial to begin with but then I realized that I truly think that T Rack actually threw the game by shaving points. He went through the trial and all the trimmings for show then did a lackluster job on purpose in order to get an acquittal for the two defendants and then not go through with the trial against Wolf.


So what's the reason to protest the city coucil meeting tonight ? Didn't the city recall some of the city council members already ? Didn't the chief of police at the time resign ? The brass of Fullerton PD cooperated fully with the D.A's investigation and D. A Rackauckas lost the case in a court with 12 jurors . Those jurors had nothing to do with the city of Fullerton or the police department . Don't tell me this has something to do with the police activity of Saturday ?? That's not the reason because this protest tonight was scheduled before Saturday . I feel bad for what happened to Kelly Thomas but I'm tired of hearing Ron Thomas's name in the news everyday. He should just let it go through the legal process ( Feds investigation and civil suit ).

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@Mitchell_YoungSo you see an image of a young black man from the torso up during an anti-police brutality protest and your first thought is of his cock and balls? Hmmmm. Did you quietly close and lock your bedroom door during broadcasts of Roots and Kunta Kinte?


Additional .... Chief Hughes already told Mr Thomas he will not be rehiring the officers and I'm so sure Mr Thomas already thanked Chief Hughes during that conversation so no need to do it again publicly at a city council meeting .



Does your font of wisdom have cork? Despite your condescending lectures about how foolish we all are to still give a damn about Kelly Thomas's brutal murder, most of us remain steadfast in our conviction...we refuse to let this "go away". I'd rather keep pushing at a windmill than have my head in the sand (or in my ass). Good day.


@FishWithoutBicycle There was no murder, they were found not guilty.  If you cannot abide by a jury's verdict when they saw all the evidence you didn't, maybe hold off the hyperbole and shut the piehole.

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