Investigators Seek Authority To Pursue Larry Agran's Financial Irregularities At Great Park

Larry Agran: A government park can't be built until after I divert tens of millions of park funds in no-bid contracts to my campaign operatives
The independent forensic audit firm blocked from fully uncovering how three Irvine Democrats misused their control of the proposed Orange County Great Park and its treasury is formally seeking authority to compel cooperation.

The now Republican-controlled Irvine City Council is scheduled to vote Jan. 28 on whether to give Hagen, Streiff, Newton & Oshiro Accountants (HSNO) additional powers to finish its fact-finding mission that has in a preliminary review outlined massive mismanagement and financial irregularities.

According to an agenda document prepared by special legal counsel to the city, HSNO needs $400,000 to complete a second phase of the audit because of the roadblocks erected by government contractors given questionable, no-bid Great Park deals by Democrats Larry Agran, Beth Krom and Sukhee Kang when their alliance controlled the city for more than a decade.

The amount of the latest fee could be significantly reduced if Agran and Krom, the two remaining unrepentant Democrats on the city council, convinced their contractor buddies to stop stonewalling outside investigators and share records of how tens of millions of dollars were funneled out of the public treasury before the park could be built.

Given that HSNO is an acclaimed firm with a history of exposing corruption in major cases across the nation (ENRON and Bernie Madoff, for example) and Orange County residents deserve to know the truth about how the government spent $200 million without building the park, the council should approve further investigation.

Our exclusive coverage of the original audit report presented earlier this month revealed how the Agran-Krom-Kang alliance poured at least $174,500 per month in Great Park funds to their own campaign operatives while simultaneously complaining they couldn't build the park because of a lack of money.

Among park contractors who allegedly refused unconditional cooperation after taking the no-bid contracts from Agran, Krom and Kang include Arnold Forde and Stu Mollrich of Forde Mollrich as well as George Urch.

Krom pal Marsha Burgess, who was a well-paid city employee and--according to the audit--a major conduit in the Agran/Krom/Kang alliance for mysterious Great Park spending, also refused to cooperate.

Burgess told investigators nothing good can come from her from talking.

She now works for the city-funded, non-profit Families Forward.

Go HERE to see that article.

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Sounds like New York Democrats.
We have made it to the Big Times


Halayouya - let's get to the bottom of this nonsense.  Clearly suspicious that the now minority was against an audit to begin with.  I don't think we're reaching Bell nonsense, but nonetheless, I want to see where that money went.  Too many long time residents think Agran is a swell guy... well not any more.  Good job Scott and the Weekly.  Let's nail these no-gooders!

paullucas714 topcommenter

Jeez, the Feds can come here and set up an office to take this and Janet Nguyen/ Cal Optima to task at the same time. That would get some work done.

ltpar topcommenter

While I don't object to spending another $400 K as a last resport, I remind the Council that if a Criminal Investigation were launched, all that documentation  would be seized under search warrants by the FBI in the course of their investigation.  While the Feds have been reluctant to become involved in the past, turning up the heat on the Justice Department (United States Attorney) by all of our Orang County Congressional delegation could overcome that resistance.  I have yet, to hear a single Orange County member of Congress condemn the Park corruption, or demand something be done about it.  Wonder if the rumors about prominent Republicans feeding froom the Great Park Gravy Train could be playing a role in that reluctance?     


It's about time. 200 million and no park. There's your proof.

18usc241 topcommenter

Like all us east coast latino gang members, I moved to Irvine from New York city in 1981 to attend the University of California, Irvine on a University Scholarship. Lived in Irvine from 1981 to 1988.

I remember Larry Agran as being one of the respected up and coming local politicians there.

Que paso?

PS: for the infinite number of racist idiots reading this, the first sentence is referred to as sarcasm. If you don't understand the meaning of the word sarcasm, then never mind.


200 million and all they had to show for that money is a hot air balloon. Tragedy as that money will never be recovered. should have turned it into an airport and then re-puposed the existing John Wayne airport property.

ltpar topcommenter

@steelgolf Yea, all you clowns in Newport Beach would have loved to dump that air traffic over our homes in Irvine rather than yours.  You lost, so give it a rest.  


@steelgolfI have to disagree.  As an Irvine resident, I would not have wanted an airport near my house.  I take you live in Newport Beach?

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@ltpar @steelgolf  Larry Agran's wringing his oily, tainted hands and pondering the use of this argument in his upcoming campaigns: Yes, I deplete Great Park bank accounts, enriched my political operatives and cheated you out of a park I promised, but--can't a boy catch a break?--I blocked an airport. Oh, wait. He's been using that argument for more than a decade now. 

ltpar topcommenter

@steelgolf @ltpar @rscottmoxley Small park,  large park, or no park, I could care less.  As far as traffic goes, if you look at the Master Plan of Irvine, you will see that our traffic flow is light years ahead of other communities.  I do not see that changing with the new Council.  Lastly, again I remind you that we have no airport and that keeps the value of my house up.        


@ltpar @rscottmoxley @steelgolf  No , I do not live in Newport Beach. But I also know that you already had jet traffic from El Toro which was constant fighter jets taking off and landing in the 80s and early 90s, much louder than commercial planes. now we have 200 million of taxpayer dollars vanished with nothing to show but a hot air balloon and "design plans". What you will now end up with is a small park and dense housing with the traffic that goes with it. 

ltpar topcommenter

@rscottmoxley @ltpar @steelgolf Scott, using that arguement successfully I might add.  I do agree with the baggage Larry has accumulated, it will not work in the next election.  In addition, he has alienated some of his hard core base while challenging the schools over placement of the High School.  When the dust settles over "Paradise" I would see Beth Krom as the last remaining member of the Agranista group.  If enough is uncovered in the Park Audit, she may be forced to resign which would be a befitting end to her.  

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