Dana Rohrabacher Predictably Botches State of the Union Speech Criticism

Rohrabacher: All aboard!
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's tequila-fueled, Kookville Express pulled into the D.C. train station last night to "slam" President Barack Obama's State of the Union address for the good folks at National Review Online.

Rohrabacher--who loves to be portrayed as an insightful, tough Republican by fawning media outlets--reportedly called the speech "arrogant" and "belligerent."

As usual, the remarks by Orange County's senior, career politician--the one who first campaigned in 1988 on the dire necessity of term limits and is now seeking a 28th year in Congress--were loaded with stark hypocrisy.

National Review reporter Andrew Stiles described Rohrabacher as "particularly outraged by the president's pronouncement that he would bypass Congress and achieve his preferred policy outcomes through executive authority."

Said the congressman, "He was basically saying, 'you do this, or I'm going to do it on my own.' This is a constitutional government. The president has certain powers, and he's supposed to work with Congress. For him to come over here and say he's going to do things on his own is arrogant and belligerent."


Presidential overreach? Blatant trampling of congress' constitutional powers? When have we witnessed such arrogant and belligerent conduct in the past?

Oh, that's right: The Iran-Contra scandal, where Ronald Reagan's administration secretly defied Congress' Boland Amendment to fund a foreign army operating in Nicaragua and to provide arms to terrorists in Iran.

Maybe Rohrabacher has never heard of that presidential power grab that resulted in more than a dozen indictments and a nationally-televised apology by Reagan.

But that can't be true.

Not only did the congressman work as a junior speechwriter/publicist in the Reagan administration, but he also has spent the last two decades defending this team's laughably nutty arms-for-hostages conduct.

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Not to mention, this President has signed less executive orders per year than any other President this century.

It just hurts the Republicans extra hard whenever he does that because he's you know, black.  I'm sorry, I mean, ARROGANT.


The GOP uses words like "thug" and "arrogant" because they know it's no longer acceptable to say ni@@er and "uppity". Rohrabacher is just another GOP toadie who is only capable of spouting knee-jerk criticism of whatever the President is saying. The right-wing nuttery was on full display when Michelle Obama suggested people should drink more water instead of soft drinks. I really wish the President would come out strongly against breathing water or committing suicide.

That said, it's not a good defense of a presidential action to compare it to the high treason commited by Reagan. That's a low hurdle. All this president has done at this point was use executive orders to rais the minimum-wage of federal contractors. A perfectly legal manuever and a politically deft one, too.

ltpar topcommenter

I am amazed that the citizens of southern Orange County have had their heads in the sand for so long with this buffoon Rohrabacher.  He typifies everything that is wrong with government and Congress in specific.  He is a blow hard bully boy who is a legend in his own mind.  Why then do the voters keep sending him back to Congress?  More than likely it is because he is part of the good ol boy, big money Republican network who dominates O.C. politics?  It is long since time to fire those like Rohrabacher and send someone to Washington who will work for the people and not themselves.  With November 2014, rapidly approaching, will the voters wake up and smell the Starbucks?  Time will tell.  


Here's a question for the intrepid reports:  Why not call out these ass-hats out on their bullshit.   bob schieffer was a heart away from calling ted cruz a lying fucktard.  So, why not call them out? 


Vote for Wendy Leece!


"The Iran-Contra scandal, where Ronald Reagan's administration secretly defied Congress' Boland Amendment to fund a foreign army operating in Nicaragua and to provide arms to terrorists in Iran."

Thank you for reminding us of this, Mr. Moxley. Perhaps one day some of these folks (like my tool of a congressman) who continue to maintain a warm, sentimental view of "The Gipper" and his administration will remove their rose-colored glasses. 


Why did this piece of crap article show-up on my computer today?  This certainly isn't news reporting but obviously a liberal opinion rant.

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

For the 32nd consecutive year, I didn't watch the State of the Union. I had more important things to do, like sort my sock drawer.



"More than likely it is because he is part of the good ol boy, big money Republican network who dominates O.C. politics?"

You hit the nail on the head, there. We've tried to vote him out, but, like I said, I think some folks would vote for a dung beetle as long as it said "Republican" next to the name on the ticket. Honestly, I'm tired of hotheads on both sides of the aisle engaging in partisan pissing matches rather than making serious attempts to find the best person for the job. Rorhrabacher is simply a piss-poor example of a congressman...regardless of his party affiliation.


Amen to that - in my 36 years of existence, I have probably watched a combined 10 mintues of State of the Union speeches.  I agree with the previous comment as well.  Seems to me that it's OK to be a career politician as long as you're a Democrat - well, maybe with the exception of Larry Agran.  Come on guys - how come you never have anything negative to say about Sanchez??


They do. They constantly point out that she's been nothing more than a congressional seat-warmer.

rscottmoxley topcommenter

@mikerobwil @GustavoArellano Hola & cheers Mike Wilson in Huntington Beach! I'm guessing your personal computer recognizes your ignorance and tried unsuccessfully to awaken you from your ill-informed, ideological stupor. Best wishes landing in reality. 

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