Which OC University Has the Most Students Seeking Sugar Daddies to Pay for Tuition?

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None of our Orange County or Long Beach institutions of higher learning made SeekingArrangement.com's annual list of the "Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools."

But officials from what's billed as "the world's largest Sugar Daddy site" does claim one local campus is making, erm, headway.

How Can Young Women Pay for Obamacare? Find a Sugar Daddy, Recommends Dating Site

"University of California, Fullerton experienced a growth in membership from the previous year, with 66 students signing up and looking for sugar daddies in 2013," Jennifer Gwynn, Seeking Arrangement's public relations director, tells the Weekly.

Hell, I'd need a wealthy benefactor just to pay for a parking space around CSUF.

Here is the site's top 20 list of campuses (with the number of students who signed up to be sugar babies), and all we can say about No. 8 is "Go, Trojans ... and don't forget the Trojans):

1. University of Central Florida (474)
2. Arizona State University (409)
3. New York University (347)
4. Georgia State University (269)
5. Temple University (251)
6. University of Colorado (232)
7. Kent State University (219)
8. University of Southern California (211)
9. University of California, Davis (192)
10. Texas State University (189)
11. University of Georgia (185)
12. Florida International University (184)
13. University of South Florida (171)
14. University of Arizona (165)
15. University of California, Berkeley (153)
16. University of New Mexico (148)
17. Tulane University (137)
18. Indiana University (122)
19. Michigan State University (117)
20. Louisiana State University (113)

It just goes to show that when tuition rises ... well, you can figure out the rest.

"College students make up the sites largest demographic, 42 percent of its overall sugar baby membership," Gwynn notes. "The dating site saw a 54 percent increase in college students seeking financial aid from wealthy benefactors for the year of 2013."

Guess sweeping the quad for cash does not hold the same appeal.

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JGlanton topcommenter

So how much does it cost?  It doesn't say anywhere. I was shopping for a medium build, athletic blond that majors in anything but philosophy and no tattoos. I have like, 5 or $600 a month that I could shake loose. Plus dining out at nice places and trips to Hawaii and Victoria's Secret. Could I get a sugar baby?

Ryn Tara
Ryn Tara

I can't believe that website is real!

Charlene Keeler
Charlene Keeler

It's so sad when you need a sugar daddy at a state school. And it's horrifying who the sugar daddies might be near Arizona State.

John del Real
John del Real

So sick of this sugar daddy crap... serious.. should promote more woman to be capable, confident and independent so they can help pull this country and this world out of the sinkhole it's in. Girls always pissed of that there aren't any good guys, guys always pissed there aren't any good girls. because of this kind of thing here..so much promotion on these things. Maybe it's just me but think we would better of respecting each other..just saying.

949girl topcommenter

If you're really down and out or come from a very dysfunctional family then I could see one becoming a prostitute.  But if you can make it to college then you should have enough skills to not have sex for tuition.  Get a job!  It just makes me think the girls advertising are psychopaths or just plain lazy.  If you have enough skills to get accepted in to a university then use your brain to make it work out for you! 


I'm a 35 year old woman with greying temples and a meager income. Am I "not pretty" too?

Eric Ridenour
Eric Ridenour

Agreed, Fullerton is nowhere near good enough to be a UC!

Nick Riviera
Nick Riviera

So sad that tuition is so high and FA so low that girls got to lower themselves to prostitution just to get an education.

Monica L Alvarez
Monica L Alvarez

where's university of California, Fullerton?? I've never heard of it.

Chris Roth
Chris Roth

Dem hoes better be willing to do some trickin!

Evan White
Evan White

it says "seeking", doesn't mean it's going to happen for them.


"University of California Fullerton"??

Kristen Lane
Kristen Lane

Same confusion here "University of California, Fullerton" ... a school that doesn't exist.

Aric Villarreal
Aric Villarreal

Ha! Knew it! But why did they call it "University of California, Fullerton"? This former Titan is a bit confused...

Matthew Morey
Matthew Morey

"University of California, Fullerton" WTF? Real credible research this site puts in.


Hey, no arguments from me. Communication and mutual respect in relationships (romantic or otherwise) seem like a novelty to some people. I think the antagonism between the sexes is promoted to justify the making of crappy, sexist sitcoms and films...and to give short-sighted comedians of both genders fodder for the same tired jokes about how men and women just can't get along. I resent the attitude that relationships are some kind of game (or a war!) to be won, not a journey two people take together. Guys and gals, why don't we try TALKING TO EACH other. Seems pretty simple to me.

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

@GustavoArellano @Brainwashed_in_church Not that you’d get any action there. 

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