Boaz David Johnson Found Dead with Suicide Note Confessing to Tustin Woman's Murder

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Boaz David Johnson
Just last month, family members of Boaz David Johnson and his slain girlfriend Brittany Jane Royal expressed fears that the 22-year-old man was also dead, by the same killers in Hawaii who took former Tustin resident Royal's life.

But Big Island police officials disclosed Tuesday that an unsealed grand jury indictment indicates Johnson hung himself and left a note confessing to the murder of his pregnant girlfriend by strangulation.

Brittany Jane Royal Murder Mystery in Hawaii Deepens as Suspect-Boyfriend Feared Dead Also

The handwritten note found near Johnson's body not only confessed to Royal's slaying during a May 2013 domestic dispute, but he also indicated he would kill himself, according to the police officials quoted by NBC4 News.

Brittany Jane Royal
Despite Johnson's family members in Alaska and some of Royal's in Orange County believing both may have been killed by another or others, police had suspected the boyfriend based on DNA evidence collected at the Royal murder scene and a cryptic phone call he placed after her death.

Royal's body was found caught in a fishing line in waters off Kalapana on May 28, 2013. A short time later, Johnson called a friend to say he and his girlfriend were in good health and on their way to Hilo. Police issued a warrant for Johnson's arrest on Dec. 18.

A hiker found his body Jan. 2 and the medical examiner ruled Johnson committed suicide by hanging. A forensic examiner ruled Johnson wrote the suicide note.

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Who the hell makes jokes about something like this? Some of you need to grow up. 

Rest in peace, Brittany

Rot in Hell, Boaz

John Urquidi
John Urquidi

Leykis would say "ya dun goofed, twice!"

Mitchell_Young topcommenter

Tragic, beautiful young white folks killing their ‘loved ones’ and themselves. I blame the media. 

Roger Gomez
Roger Gomez

Luis Tapia I know tagged the wrong Luis. I know like 100 Luis's sorry Tapia. Lol

Luis Tapia
Luis Tapia

Roger Gomez I don't know him LOL

Roger Gomez
Roger Gomez

Luis Carranza heard about it several data ago.

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