Alexis Songbryd, Dejohn Mitchell, Donnis Grimes Held As New Year's Eve Date Goes Awry

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Courtesy of Anaheim Police Department
From left: Songbryd, Mitchell, Grimes
A man who showed up for a New Year's Eve date he made online arrived for a jumping, kidnapping and carjacking in Anaheim, according to police who took into custody two 20-year-olds, Alexis Songbryd and Dejohn Mitchell, and Donnis Grimes, 21.

According to Anaheim Police Lt. Tim Schmidt, the victim went online around 9 p.m. New Year's Eve to arrange the date through a service, and Songbryd texted back with the location for the midnight rendezvous: an alley in the 800 block of South Cornwall Drive.

(Who says romance is dead?)

When the fellow arrived, he was confronted by Mitchell and Grimes, who jumped him, whipped out a knife and told him they had a gun, according to Schmidt, who adds the victim was forced to drive the suspects to several automatic teller machines.

After taking possession of the money from the machines, the baddies pushed the fellow out of his own vehicle and drove off, leaving him bleeding in the street, according to Schmidt, who added ee later received treatment at Western Medical Center for a broken nose and other facial fractures.

The stolen vehicle was recovered and all three suspects were arrested and booked on suspicion of carjacking, kidnapping and robbery on Wednesday, said Schmidt, adding they were each held on $1 million bail pending arraignment scheduled today in Fullerton.

Investigators believe the trio may have pulled this act before. Anyone with information on similar attacks (or more on this one) is asked to call police Sgt. Rich La Rochelle at 714.765.1528 or email

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949girl topcommenter

What website or app was used to set up this date? 

Brianne Ard
Brianne Ard

Jordan Doane you aren't going to pull this, right? :p


keep in mind OC residents, not to long ago the ocweekly writter Gustavo complained that the OC is racist because people like in the above pictures are rare in the OC..take a good look at these 3..imagine We calling your family Bigots because you don't want these types in your backyard..  look at their crimes..seems like black criminals always commit heinous crimes and can't understand why they get convicted..  ''well, let's see negros, can't shoot a guy in broad daylight in front of a group of Christmas shoppers over a wrong stare, with your DNA everywhere and still hang on to the gun.''  courts wont look the other way on stuff like wonder you never see a black mafia...  all I can say is, I would not want to be black at the OC jail.

Linda Josey
Linda Josey

I don't think he was actually arriving for a "date"

Nathan Odette
Nathan Odette

Here's a tip. Never never agree to a meeting, with a date or otherwise, in an alley.

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