Will Ferrell on Watching Irvine Improv Open Mics and Life in "Park Watts Apartments"

Photo by Gemma LaMana, cover design by Dustin Ames
"... I had an older neighbor, in Irvine's only apartment complex by the way."

Hee-hee, yeah?

"Park West Apartments."


"Which the rich kids referred to as 'Park Watts.'"

Oh, really, it was bad?

"It was just that one black family [was among those living there] but everyone thought, wow, it's ethnic."

-Will Ferrell, our Holiday Film Issue 2013 cover boy, to WTF podcaster Marc Maron.

You've no doubt seen Will Ferrell all over the place, in and out of character, promoting Anchorman 2: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. And, as is usual with the open book of a comedy actor, he's talked to interviewers about more than this or any other movie he has been in.

But I don't recall Ferrell ever having gone into the depth of his younger years in Orange County as he did in Episode 450 of the podcast WTF with Marc Maron, which went up on iTunes Dec. 9.

I'd wager part of this was due to host Maron's lack of knowledge about Irvine beyond the Irvine Improv where he's done standup many times before. (And, as longtime WTF listeners know, it's not Maron's favorite comedy club by a longshot.)

Anyway, during the interview, Newport Beach-born, Irvine-raised Ferrell talks about watching open mic performers from the back of the same Irvine Improv, his father's career as a bandleader for the Righteous Brothers (anyone else remember Bill Medley's Music City nightclub in Fountain Valley?) and, yes, life in "Park Watts Apartments."

Do yourself a favor and listen to the entire podcast at WTF with Marc Maron: Episode 450 - Will Ferrell.

A transcript from the portion of the interview where Ferrell talks about growing up in Irvine follows on the next page.

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