DA Rests in Kelly Thomas Murder Trial After Defense Brings Family To Tears

Pictured: The results of a beating that, according to defense lawyers, didn't kill Kelly Thomas

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas rested his case against two Fullerton police officers charged with beating Kelly Thomas to death today after the defense's cross-examination of an experienced UCI surgeon brought Thomas' mother to tears and attorneys into Judge William Froeberg's chambers.

"Is there any relevance to this, seriously?" Froeberg said obviously annoyed during defense attorney Michael Schwartz's cross-examination of Dr. Michael Lekawa, which at first included a near frame-by-frame examination of the surveillance video that captured Thomas' beating. "We're not going to look at every frame of the video."

Schwartz had asked Lekawa to identify any parts of the video where the doctor saw "mechanical compression" that could have caused Thomas' brain to lose oxygen in an attempt to bring to question the doctor's credibility.

Shortly afterwards, as Thomas' mother Cathy wept in the public gallery, Judge Froeberg called the prosecution and the defense into his chambers.

After returning, the defense gave up trying to poke holes in the doctor's testimony and finished questioning him. After a quick redirect from Rackauckas to put on record that the DA's office did not influence the doctor's opinion in any way, Rackauckas rested his case.

After roughly two hours in court, the days session finished.

The defense will begin to attempt to prove Thursday that Thomas death was caused by "overexerting" his sort-of-but-not-really oversized heart or the EMTs that tried to save his life on the way to St. Jude Medical Center, not the vicious seven-minute beating that left Thomas broken beyond recognition or the four minutes after the attack where the officers stood over Thomas gloating about how badly they beat him and not rendering first aid.

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Tony was forced into the prosecution.  He doesn't like to prosecute violence against people he considers beneath him.  Ask the women he lets be beaten and killed in his county or the children he allows to be raped, again and again, like Lexi Dillon. Tony blocked a search warrant for the thousands of child porno pictures the Tustin police discovered her father had taken of his naked 8 year old daughter and Tony kept putting her back with the father after the Tustin police repeatedly tried to have prosecuted for raping the girl.  Tony has sent memos to Judges Salter to try to interfere on the father's behalf with the child's custody.  The father is wanted for terrorism.

But this is nothing compared to another case where a woman is dead and survivors fear for their lives because of death threats from another Rackauckas friend who ran for Congress.  Bank evidence shows the man illegally broke into bank accounts by the internet and looted the funds from Orange County women, who have been told that any police assistance has been blocked by Tony.  There are recorded death threats from the man to his victims and Tony is also pitch hitting for that man in family court too, calling and reigning in the judges.  Even the police insisted the man should be prosecuted but Tony said "no."

So of course, Tony, who wants to blow the Thomas case, is doing an intentionally substandard job.  If he hadn't been forced to prosecute it, he would have simply given the officers a pat on the back and told them, "Good job."


NOT GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!


After sitting in the trial for 5 days, I am very disappointed in Tony Rackauckas!  I have seen better attorneys!  I really hope Tony has an ace up his sleeve, or we are screwed and those killers will walk!!

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

Coroner of Orange County - These officers killed Kelly Thomas!


You know the defense has crossed a line when they visibly anger a judge who is probably no stranger to courtroom shenanigans. And Schwartz made Kelly's mother cry! What a truly loathsome human being!

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