Tad Allen Carroll and Barbara Ann Hamel Cop to Killing "Lucky" Casino Winner Chi Ngoc Bui

Barbara Ann Hamel and Tad Allen Carroll
Two killers of a 55-year-old man who was followed home from Hawaiian Gardens Casino where he won $10,000 gambling pleaded guilty last week to the charges against them. Tad Allen Carroll, 45 and formerly of Buena Park, admitted to first degree murder, while Long Beach 50-year-old Barbara Ann Hamel copped to second degree murder.

The distinction is expected to fetch Carroll a sentence of 25 years to life in state prison compared to Hamel's 15 years to life, although we won't know for sure until a Feb. 21 hearing in Santa Ana. Fifteen to life is what Michael William Ross, 30, of Long Beach, received after pleading guilty Sept. 27 to second degree murder, robbery and attempted robbery, all felonies, in the case.

Chi Ngoc Bui won big the night of Sept. 2, 2010, at the casino next to the 605 freeway, but little did the Westminster resident know that he was being watched, later followed or that he'd take his last breaths early the next morning.

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Michael William Ross
Seeing Bui had won 10 grand, Ross followed him out of the casino and called Carroll and Hamel. Bui then got into his 2002 Honda Civic with his longtime friend Kim Nguyen for the drive back to their respective homes, unaware that Carroll and Hamel were following them in a Pontiac Grand Prix.

After stopping in front of Nguyen's Santa Ana home, the Civic was boxed in by the Grand Prix. Carroll got out of the vehicle, approached the pair and pointed a knife at them to steal the winnings. He knocked Bui to the ground and got back into the Grand Prix, which Hamel then drove over Bui's head, killing him instantly. The robbing couple drove off as Nguyen called 9-1-1.

Chi Ngoc Bui, 2010 OC Homicide No. 40: Run Over for His Casino Winnings

Santa Ana Police and Los Angeles County Sheriff's investigators worked the case that, with the assistance of the Hawaiian Gardens Casino, led to Carroll, Hamel and Ross being identified as the suspects that Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney Larry Yellin will have ultimately put away.

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Yo! Tad is my bro... you dont know what happened. you havent read the transcripts or seen the evidence. Don't judge him! Who the fuck are you judge anyone. You fucking player haters take a look inward before you go on the attack. "hang em high"? really? were u a witness, do know how/why it went down, u know what happened after? No...you don't. so shut the fuck up about it.

JBinOC topcommenter

Based on the mug shot photo, I believe Mr. Carroll drove over Barbara Ann's face, too 

Timo Bleeds Blue
Timo Bleeds Blue

I won 5500$ there and left it !!! Picked it up the next morning !!! Nobody should take a jackpot in cash for future jackpot winners !!!

Frances Lee
Frances Lee

Brent Cooper Timo Bleeds Blue please be safe u guys!

Jimi Bones
Jimi Bones

I wonder how many times that happened there with out the suspects getting caught

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