Octomom Nadya Suleman and Her 14 Kids Face Holiday Eviction Threat in Orange: Report

Ho-ho-ho-hum: another holiday season, another eviction threat for Octomom Nadya Suleman and the single baby maker's 14 children.

Suleman, who was accused of trashing the La Habra home that she left for a Palmdale home that she trashed before moving to Orange, is now accused of trashing that home, too.

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Or so reports the Daily Mail--'cause she's international!--which includes a photo of the front of the home that was apparently a drug-rebab-rehab residence and closeups of a boarded-up window and a few of Suleman's children, some with shaved heads.

BTW, it's cute how the Mail calls her "Octomum."

We'd reported before that Suleman left Palmdale--and an LA County cloud of allegedly cheating the welfare system--for a rent-free home owned by Timothy Chapman, who also owned the Chapman House rehab that had weeks before treated Octo for "anxiety, exhaustion and stress."

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Well, the Mail reports Chapman sold the five-bedroom, three-bathroom house out from under Natalie last month to Lana El-Jor, who "wants the family out because of Nadya's poor reputation as a tenant."

"I have had problems refinancing the building myself because of her," El-Jor tells reporter Christopher Bucktin. "That's one of the things why we have to ask her to leave. The bank refused to support the loan. She is said to have left her houses abused and everything and it worried the bank."

See more information on Octomom's current and previous evictions on the next page.

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