Loral Langemeier Millionaire Makeover Tour Stop in Anaheim Comes with Many Warnings

Loral Langemeier's Millionaire Makeover Tour makes a stop Thursday at the Crowne Plaza Anaheim Resort, where the free event promises to teach you "how to create a livelihood sustainable in any economy."

But there are plenty of warnings online that those who drink the Loral Langemeier Kool-Aid find themselves subjects of hard sells of her get-rich-through-real-estate program that have left them, uh, less rich.

Joe Jones may have put it best when he commented to a woman named Lori's I've Tried That post titled, "Beware of Loral Langemeier's Hidden Fees:" "Langemeier is worse than a timeshare, don't get involved."

Lori claims that after buying one of Langemeier's books online, she was solicited, pressured and ridiculed into joining a mentoring program, which she and her husband refused to do because they whole experience turned them off. The reader included what she later discovered online and posted on Twitter:










The last link is said to be "especially rich with complaints about Loral Langemeier!"

Especially rich is what Langemeier says you can become if you attend her Anaheim event.

"If you want to learn how to add thousands of dollars to your bottom line on a consistent basis, come to this event," she says in the announcement. "Given the rate of unemployment, the overall economic downturn, and the unbelievable real estate market, never has the need to create an entrepreneurial economy in Orange County been more apparent. We have the answers you need and we want to help you make massive leaps forward ... particularly in this economy."

Who's ready to take that leap?

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David Rodz
David Rodz

Education will get you the money!!!!

Joel White
Joel White

Can this woman make you a millionaire? Yes, if you are a billionaire.

Don Mexico
Don Mexico

more power to her. if you're too stupid to realize this is bullshit then you deserve to get taken. "a fool and his money are soon parted."

20ftjesus topcommenter

I wanna be just like Coker.  How much will that cost me?

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