Kent Wycliffe Easter, Attorney-Cuckold Accused in Drug-Planting Plot, Faces Retrial

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A Feb. 11 retrial date has been set for Kent Wycliffe Easter, the Newport Beach attorney, enraged father and non-pants-in-the-family-wearing husband accused of trying to frame a PTA mom at his son's Irvine elementary school.

Jurors deadlocked 11-1 last month in favor of convicting Easter on a felony count of false
imprisonment by fraud or deceit.

Kent Wycliffe Easter Case Ends in Mistrial After Jury Can't Break 11-1 Deadlock to Convict

Easter's defense has been that he was essentially a dick-less pawn in the crime masterminded by his adulterous wife, former attorney and crime novelist Jillianne Bjorkholm Easter, who pleaded guilty to false imprisonment for planting drugs in the car of the school volunteer Kelli Peters.

Kent Easter testified during his trial that just ended in mistrial last month that his wife believed Peters didn't properly supervise their son at school and became obsessed with getting the volunteer fired.

Mrs. Easter is scheduled to go off to jail Dec. 27 to serve her 120-day sentence, which also includes 100 hours of community service.

Her whipping boy could get three years in prison with a conviction.

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I wish the press would straighten out one point. It came out in court that the school volunteer, Kelli Peters, was nowhere near the Easter son the day in question and was not involved in any "light punishment", "disciplining their son", etc.  Jill Easter concocted this lie as well. She was late picking up her son (we know why!) and that was the beginning of the conflict.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

Thanks for pointing that out, Stormy, I tweaked my original description.

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