California Needs Higher Paid Nursing Faculty to Train New Nurses We Desperately Need: CSULB

One reason California does not have enough nurses is the Golden State does not have enough faculty to teach nursing, so we need to better fund those faculty positions.

That's what Cal State University officials are saying with their fears the problem may become worse if we don't act now.

Cal State officials cite federal Bureau of Health Professions statistics that rank California 46th in the nation when it comes to nurses per capita, at 743 registered nurses per 100,000 people.

Meanwhile, Cal State Long Beach received 450 applications for 82 spots this fall, an acceptance rate of just 18 percent. The story is much the same at other Cal State campuses that teach nursing.

"The issue is that you can't expand until you have more faculty, and you can't have more faculty until you have the money to pay them," Margaret Brady, a professor in Cal State Long Beach's School of Nursing, recently told the Los Angeles Daily News.

So, to follow this carrot and needlestick argument, Cal State needs to pony up more to attract more nursing faculty to train the future nurses we desperately need. Where does it hurt? The wallet, obviously.

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The reality is far more complicated than this article implies. 

With the decrease in decent paying jobs in this country, nursing has become more attractive, especially to men and US citizens in general.  For a while nursing was considered too stressful, dirty and dangerous for many and, along with an aging nurse force, a nursing shortage in this country. Immigration was eased for nurses from other countries. Many came. We take far fewer of these often excellent people now.  The decent pay and other incentives are attractive to job starved US born.  

The issue, or  'story', may lay with the 'for profit' nursing school industry that has jumped on board with their Washington  lobbyist written policies for low interest government loans. The for profit school industry abuses the student desperation for a career who take out the loans to pay the overly inflated corporate profit money machines that are these schools. Along the way to churning out RN's with student debts often running into the 100K+, the corporation schools are using more nursing professors, thus possibly causing a shortage for CSULB (sic). 

These new grads RN's get out of school and find that the local hospitals can't absorb all these new grads that require on the job training in most chronic and acute care settings. Good luck to them with in their job hunting. Any new grad can attest to the competition for the jobs.

The real story would be the growth of the 'for profit' nursing school phenom, just how bloody profitable are they, how has government contributed, what do the corporate schools contribute to our Congress members campaign chests, and just how many new grads are we pumping out and how many are having trouble finding their first job.

Follow the money OC Weekly.


Is this a bid for SoCal cred for your rag that you post a foto of a highly-painted blonde bimbo with this article? Luckily, the reality of nursing care here in OC is far more competent than the bitch in the foto appears. Sorry for the reality check, but most of the nurses here are not blond, tall nor stupid looking. They are latina, filipina, and asiatica. 

20ftjesus topcommenter

Can't we just import more of those cute, little Filipina nurses? 

Jennifer Mizban
Jennifer Mizban

I would have read the article if I hadn't been stopped cold by the backpage outcall "nurse". How about a pic of a male nurse with too tight scrubs and his "stethescope" featured? In either case, is it always difficult to get readers of OC Weekly to read something important without baiting them with sex first?

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