Brittany Jane Royal Murder Mystery in Hawaii Deepens as Suspect-Boyfriend Feared Dead Also

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Cops on Hawaii's Big Island say they are still trying to find Boaz Johnson, who is wanted in connection with the death of his girlfriend and former Tustin resident Brittany Jane Royal, who was 25 and two months pregnant when a fisherman found her body floating off the coast of Kalapana on May 28.

But members of the Johnson and Royal families now reportedly believe both were murdered.

Brittany-Jane Royal of Tustin Found Pregnant and Presumably Murdered in Hawaii

Boaz Johnson
Johnson, who would now be 23, last spoke with his family in Petersburg, Alaska, on May 27. He was last seen camping with Royal near Kalapana, which is east of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and 30 miles south of Hilo, the next day. That's the same day her body was discovered. Johnson has been the subject of a manhunt ever since.

Captain Robert Wagner of the Hawaii Police Department told NBC News last month that authorities believe Johnson, considered one of the three most wanted people on the island, was still alive.

But Sarah Johnson, the sister of Boaz, told ABC News, "We're definitely concerned that he was also murdered alongside Brittany. It's very possible her body showed up and his didn't. It just seems all too easy to blame someone who isn't even here, may not even be alive, to defend himself."

Meanwhile, Julie Spahn Royal, the mother of the deceased, told Fox News she believes "in my heart of hearts" that Johnson was also murdered. She received an anonymous letter that stated Johnson and her daughter were killed after he made "4 mistakes" in a bid to buy land near Kalapana for a lava tour business.

The killer "took the 2 haole for boat ride at night to see lava tour boat but never came back," reads the letter. "Haole shark bait. Bo was cut to peces-make blood, girl was throw in. He not going to be found."

Spahn Royal called Johnson "a good scapegoat" as police in Hawaii could pin a local murder on an outsider, reports the New York Daily News.

Her daughter attended the Interior Design Institute of Newport Beach but quit a few credits shy of graduating. Her last permanent address was in Tustin. She had been traveling the world the past six years and had just moved to the Big Island when she met her end.

On the next page is a flier being circulated by Justice for Brittany Jane Royal via Facebook ...

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949girl topcommenter

People Magazine is reporting that he committed suicide after strangling her in a domestic dispute, he was found hanging in a tree.


Personally, I think he's alive and wrote that racist piece of crap note himself. Hello, does anyone really think an islander is going to write that type of drivel or have witnessed something like that then contact the girls family? How would they even know how to? Unfortunately, the note strikes a cord of the type of stupidity a drunken white girl tried to come up with to imitate what she thought was Native American speech that I only had to have the misfortune of hearing on a phone recording of a friend. Also, if he'd been cut to pieces and there was blood there would have been maybe body parts if sharks were around and so inclined! Watch a nature show on how they feed oO. None of it makes sense, however the hostel part and people who thought they did see him after that night does. Condolences to the families.

949girl topcommenter

Sounds likely that he was a victim too.  I wonder what really happened.

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