When Is TJ Simers Going to Tell Readers He's Suing His Former Bosses at the LA Times?

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Simers: Silent
Let me start by declaring what I always declare when writing about TJ Simers: big fan. (Coker, on the other hand, can't stand him). So that means I actually read Simers, as opposed to the rest of the Orange County Register, because he's actually a good writer (and he remains away from their damned paywall). So I know that Simers has yet to disclose to his readers he's suing his former bosses at the Los Angeles Times, alleging all sorts of discriminatory fun.

Of course, there's no reason for Simers to mention any personal litigation when he's harassing Dwight Howard or trashing Arte Moreno, and his lawyer would probably advise him to stay silent when engaged in a lawsuit (trust us: we know). But Simers hasn't been able to resist bucking conventional legal knowledge and journalistic ethics, trashing Times editor-in-chief Davan Maharaj in two separate columns managing editor Marc Duvoisin--never by name, of course--without mentioning his legal case against the two.

The first column was printed on October 26, in which Simers tried to justify his unapologetic friendship with UCLA football head coach Jim Mora. There, he laid out his case against the Times by claiming they had a problem with his reporting style, which Simers described as old-school. No mention of litigation there. Far more bizarre is today's column, in which he uses the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal to dish further about his days with the Times by calling a sports editor at the Times (head guy Mike James? Presumably so), a "pathetic figure" who Simers claimed was bullied around by his superiors (Maharaj? Presumably so.).

"I thought the sports editor was spineless because he never stood up to his bully boss," Simers wrote. "All he had to do was punch the bully boss in the nose. One punch; and the bully boss would have never bothered the sports editor again."

Any mention of his lawsuit against that "bully boss"? Nope.

The closest Simers has come to mention his lawsuit in his column occurred the beginning of Simers' Oct. 31 column, which begins thusly: "For some reason I just love people who file lawsuits. And win later."

Can't imagine Simers' lawyer is happy this morning after his client's trainwreck of a column. And I'm surprised Simers' new bosses have allowed him to air his grievances against Maharaj and Duvoisin, no matter how thinly veiled, without disclosing his vested interest in making the Times seem like a wreck. Then again, when the owner is busy breaking all those pesky conflict-of-interest rules us semi-serious reporters once took as gospel, are we really surprised?

And now, my own full disclosure: I know Maharaj informally. And I'm a big Simers fan.

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Simers was always a self-important jerk. His ridiculous questions at so many press conferences were nothing more than a bald-face attempt to bring attention to himself and had nothing to do with solid reporting or column-writing. I'm glad he's gone from the Times, to which I subscribe. He's like Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post--posting crap solely driven by hits and reactions--and at his best, he was little more than a shithouse imitation of the late great Jim Murray. So you like this self-absorbed asshole? That says more about you than him, Gustavo. But then again, I notice you're starting to name-drop quite a bit. Spare me the piss-ant comeback. I can hear it now...

Craig Grossman
Craig Grossman

It wouldn't surprise me if the OC Register is giving free rein for Simers to trash his former employers at the Times as they are a rival newspaper to them in this region. I haven't always agreed with him, but he is a good columnist though. He's very close to a libel countersuit if he doesn't watch himself here, as well.

JBinOC topcommenter

"I actually read Simers, as opposed to the rest of the Orange County Register..."


GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

@ted.mendez Love how you turn your hatred of Simers into a slam against me...name-dropping? Can you point some out? I mentioned Maharaj so I could be transparent, unlike Simers.

JBinOC topcommenter

As Nancy Luna would say...My take: 

His psyche is so damaged from going from the Times to the OC Register, it's causing this babble (and babosada) to be typed into his keyboard


@GustavoArellano @ted.mendez I don't "hate" Simers, dude. I just think he's an arrogant ass and I'm glad he's not at the Times anymore. I do like your stuff most of the time though. Sorry if my post wasn't too polite. Take care.

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

@ted.mendez Describing Simers as a "self-important jerk," a "shithouse imitation" and an "arrogant ass" who offered "ridiculous questions" sure sounds like hate to me. Gracias for reading us!

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