Paul Crouch, Founder of TBN/Titan of American Christianity, Dead

While Crouch tried to pass himself off as a kindly old grandfather, his profligate spending over the decades while constantly exhorting viewers--overwhelmingly working-class--to give more and more money (we can't emphasize this enough, just like him) was downright disgusting, and TBN's defense of on-air personality Steve Galiher, who got a wrist slap for driving while drunk on his way to TBN headquarters (in the process crashing into a Vietnam War vet who never recovered from his injuries) was simply vile. And who can forget the scandal unearthed by former Los Angeles Times reporter William Lobdell that essentially outed Crouch as a closet homosexual, a scandal so buried in OC court records as to essentially be unethical?

Crouch spent the last years of his life fighting off a lawsuit from his granddaughters alleging that TBN had become an incestuous, corrupt den of thieves. It's going to be one hell of a funeral, no?

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