How Can Young Women Pay for Obamacare? Find a Sugar Daddy, Recommends Dating Site

Obamacare has kicked up (take your pick) interest/concern/revulsion in the need for late twentysomethings to obtain health care insurance in 2014, so an online dating site for a niche group of love seekers is taking advantage of this with a campaign.

The message: Find a sugar daddy to pay for your health care premiums.

Those behind, which matches young women with wealthy men of any age, claims that its unusual marketing campaign sprang from members themselves.

"In the past two weeks alone, over 24,000 women have joined Of these women who signed-up, about one in three said that paying for health care is a part of their ideal arrangement," explains spokesman Leroy Velasquez in an email.

The site, which claims to have 2 million members, has also witnessed an 83 percent increase in the keyword "health care" in its "sugar baby" profiles since Oct. 1, according to Velasquez.

Sugar babies are the members seeking sugar daddies. is playing up the benefits of having someone pay for one's rising health care premiums. A billboard recently went up in Dallas stating: "Don't get Screwed by Obamacare, Find a Sugar Daddy." There's also a video featuring an orphan, a homeless man and a sugar daddy that you can watch at:

Big in Texas
Brandon Wade, the site's founder and CEO, couldn't help but take a dig at the Affordable Care Act roll out: "Unlike Obamacare," he notes, " offers a fully functional website."

And it likely has overwhelming support in both houses of Congress.

Wade adds that sugar daddies are a "realistic solution" for women who are generally required to pay higher health care fees and premiums.

"With our site," he says, "women can gain an advantage."

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paullucas714 topcommenter

Sign of the times. The harsh reality of it. It seems safe at least. unless you get a stalker type who doesn't pay the bills.

Rachel Penn
Rachel Penn

They can get a job and pay themselves


ObamaCare is a JOKE!!!! Let's hope the Sugar DADDY's insurance policy is / was grandfathered in - of both will be out of insurance, and then she'll be giving BJ for nothin'

John del Real
John del Real

Terrible, it demeans people and lessens values. We are supposed to be bringing our people to be upright and strong, not helping people be less dependent and seek these kinds of arrangements just to survive. There was a time when we loved, appreciated and respected our women and now we just sell them or use them as bartering pieces. How can we expect future generations to think and respect themselves if this is these are the kind of things that we not only accept but promote. The value of the American way of life and integrity is almost lost entirely. We used to be a country of confident capable this is the norm...sad.


The fact that so many women are willing to act as sugar babies is proof positive that no matter how often the female empowerment mantra is sledge hammered into our psyches, many women would rather take the easy road and let a man pay for their lifestyle.  Fifty Shades outsells Naomi Wolf by a thousand to one.


So I'm not allowed to turn tricks for cold hard cash, but it's ok to whore myself out for health care? NO ONE should have to sell themselves out this way to stay healthy. :-(


@John del Real  

Agree with you wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, many of us in this society (men and women) are "whoring" ourselves out (compromising ourselves) in one way or another. The survival instinct is a strong motivator...for better or for worse.



The only way I would accept money from a benefactor would be if he (or she) were supporting my floundering art career. ;-)

But consider that many of these "sugar babies" who hook up with a "sugar daddy" for the sake of comfort are also trapped in the relationship because they are completely dependent. It only seems like the "easy road". :-(

PS (I heard "50 Shades of Grey" was more like "50 Shades of Vanilla"...ha ha)


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