Gustavo's Latest KCRW "Orange County Line": On Anaheim's Coming Mayoral Free-for-All!

Two weeks ago, we scooped the Orange County Register's scoop regarding former Anaheim councilwoman Lorri Galloway running for the mayoral seat currently held by her former ally, Tom Tait. This is going to be a race that's going to be nasty, nasty, nasty, despite Tait proclaiming he's a good guy and Galloway already fluttering her fan ala Scarlett O'Hara at every opportunity. Meanwhile, the Lords of Anaheim maniacally laugh as the opposition eats their own.

Oh, I can go on forever about this issue, and I just might later on. In the meanwhile, I discussed Galloway's thinking on my latest "Orange County Line" commentary for KCRW-FM 89.9


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Cynthia, the Republican Party of Cal needs to get over the conservative thing. The Party can have some moderates. Years ago Bruce Nestande and Doris Allen won.  In fact why the Party has done so low in recent years in even Orange County because its too catch up with the 1980's. Some of what you said is right on the kickbacks but Anaheim is no longer the middle class white town of1980. Too many Hotel and Restaurant jobs and Republicans try to keep the wages low to hire more folks but sometimes the rises need to rise a little.


Gustavo you know I love you, but no, most of Tait's party is NOT going to side with Lucille Kring. Not a chance. Lucille is not the golden girl of the GOP and her recent decamping to the crony capitalists has hurt her reputation. The GOP understands they (We) have an image problem, and beyond the national leadership making all Republicans look like jerks, we have an Anaheim majority giving away money faster than pension liabilities, and making sure that the face of conservatives in Anaheim is not pretty. Backing her reinforces to voters that the GOP is OK with giving money to well connected friends while minority neighborhoods go without basic services. Not the message that needs to be sent. There are enough people on Central Committee who are NOT for sale to the corporate raiders that they will reject Kring's BS bid for office. They left her twisting in the wind in 2010 on Tait's behalf, and that is when she ran against a Dem they wanted out. What motive does the GOP have for taking out Tait? 

Meanwhile, Tait is insanely popular in town with the rank and file. I have never seen such an emotional reaction to an elected leader, people recognize him everywhere, and they do not want to shake his hand they want to hug him. It is nuts how much people genuinely love this guy. The only way to turn that around is with a negative campaign, and only an idiot runs a negative campaign against a Boy Scout like Tait. Look what happened when they tried pinning the hate speech on Tait. They were taken out back to the woodshed and beaten by a freakin' Rabbi! Another Republican is not going to beat Tait and the powers that be know it, they will not back Lucille. I see Kring coming in 3rd, or 4th if my dog runs.(I haven't signed the papers yet) 

That leaves Lorri, who has enough of her own negatives to drag herself down for a decade and with the exception of Chmelewski her backers have dropped her. She was out trying to solicit Tom's own support base trying to get us to jump ship "for the good of the City"...well we all know that the good of the City and Lorri Galloway are very different subjects. 

Tom is going to have his hands full with Lorri, and if we get any form of district elections it may skew things to the left as voters who gave up long ago, after seeing their votes were outnumbered by the east might jump back in. Ironically it is Lorri's presence that makes it impossible for Kring to peel off Tom's party support, they will not take a chance on splitting the GOP vote (already thinning rapidly as Anaheim's population shifts) and allow Galloway to take the seat. Nope, Kring is toast, Galloway will give Tom a run for his money, but even if you combined Lorri's grassroots backing with the Disney money pledged to Lucille I still do not see it overcoming the reaction Tait gets in town. Go meet him somewhere in public for a lunch, see for yourself. 

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