Did LA Sheriff's Duputies Shoot Long Beach Man Walking Daughter To School?

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LA County sheriff's deputies looking for a woman who failed to show up for a court-mandated work program on Tuesday inexplicably became witnesses to a man shooting at them and then himself while walking his daughter to school.

The deputies were attached to the agency's Work Release Non-Compliance Team, according to a report by City News Service, when they confronted a man near the intersection of Sunset Street and Pine Avenue at about 10 a.m., apparently to ask him if he knew the woman's location.

That's when things took a bizarre turn, according to the deputies.

"Sheriff's detectives said the man suddenly pulled a handgun from his rear pocket and fired once at the deputies, collapsed, and shot himself with his own gun," CNS reported. Deputies claim they recovered an unspecified weapon at the scene.

The man apparently survived the self-inflicted gunshot but was taken to the hospital where he was described as being in "grave" condition. His daughter was reunited with her mother, the injured man's girlfriend. If it seems odd that a man would shoot himself in front of his daughter on the way to school, then it should come as little surprise that witnesses are already disputing that story.

According to one witness, he heard "about six shots" and that police "got him in the head.''

Another witness, CNS reports, stated that "the young girl witnessed the whole
thing," while yet others claimed the man was trying to protect the child. None of the witnesses said they saw the man holding a weapon.

To at least one observer, Matthew Pappas, a candidate for Long Beach City Attorney, the whole matter could be cleared up if the deputies were wearing cameras on their uniforms.

"If officers were wearing uniform cameras when the shooting took place, we'd almost certainly know what happened," Pappas told the Weekly. "In fact, if they were wearing cameras, there might well have been no shooting at all."

Although the apparent officer-involved shooting involved LA sheriff's deputies rather than Long Beach police, Pappas believes what happened reflects a culture of impunity that has been tolerated for too long at city hall. Referencing a string of troubling shootings in the city, especially that involving Douglas Zerby, who was killed by police while supposedly wielding a garden hose nozzle in a threatening manner, Pappas claims "the City Attorney's office is perpetuating a culture of "shoot now, lie later."

Adds Pappas, "It is time for that culture to change."

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18usc241 topcommenter

NYPD honcho Ray Kelly and the Mayor el Bloomberg are against this camera on every cop idea citing how cumbersome it would be to implement. But surveilling New Yorkers - no problem. The reason for the hesitancy? Tickets / incarceration is big money and the larger the body count the bigger your paycheck and ultimate pension. And higher the likelihood of receiving federal grant money. Hence my use of the phrase "an endless cycle of criminal insanity where these cops are the only winners". Create a problem if necessary - get a raise.


If this keeps up, no one will believe the police ever again when they claim use of deadly force during an altercation with a suspect was absolutely necessary...and rightfully so! It happens too damn often already.


Kill first, make up reasons later.......Police policy leading to increasing number of police homicides. Will police homicides exceed murders in Long Beach?

Nicholas Schou
Nicholas Schou

But the story itself is ambiguous. Anyone got a better headline?

Billy Frame
Billy Frame

Headlining a story with a ambiguous question is fucking lame.

Tashae Sanders
Tashae Sanders

Why would a father shoot himself while his child is there at his side. Something is wrong with this story.

nschou1 moderator editor

Either that or the most bizarre spur of the moment case of attempted suicide by cop I've heard of. We shall see. Like Pappas says, cameras would help.


Sounds like a pretty clear case of police abuse, right, OC Weekly?

Marshall Rhett Yelverton
Marshall Rhett Yelverton

@lucas he may have been shot by the police, but he could have also shot himself which was the one that put him out. I am not familiar with the Fullerton case though.

Paul Lucas
Paul Lucas

The guy in Fullerton whom the police admit that they shot, is determined to have died from a self inflicted gunshot? WTF is going on here?

paullucas714 topcommenter

@nschou1 This is ALMOST as egregious as the guy I think in Arkansas who shot himself in the head while he was handcuffed behind his back in the back of a police car. His blackness had nothing to do with it. Right?

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