Air-Quality Regulators Could Move Forward with Beach Fire Rings That Don't Burn Wood

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The South Coast Air Quality Management District's Technology Committee could award a contract as soon as Friday to two companies that will create propane and natural gas beach fire rings along the Orange County coast.

The panel's agenda for Friday's meeting at the AQMD headquarters in Diamond Bar indicates Earth's Flame Inc. and Blazing Design Inc. could receive contracts totaling no more than $300,000 each for revamping the pits.

BREAKING: AQMD Board Votes 7-6 to Impose New Restrictions on Beach Bonfires

The money "to develop and demonstrate propane and natural gas fired fire rings" is to come from a special revenue fund, according to the AQMD, whose governing board voted 7-6 in July to impose new restrictions on beach bonfires starting next March.

Depending on how close the fire rings are to homes, some will have to be moved farther away, spaced farther apart or even removed. Huntington City Beach, Bolsa Chica State Beach, Aliso Beach County Park and San Clemente and North Beach are not affected by the new regs. Huntington State Beach, Corona del Mar State Beach, Balboa Beach, Doheny State Beach and Capistrano Beach Park had rings that had to be removed or moved.

The board also indicated at the time a willingness to entertain pilot programs for clean-burning fire rings. Newport Beach Mayor Keith Curry had already agreed by then to a pact to explore them in his city.

Bids were reviewed from seven companies before the AQMD staff recommended the two finalists going before the Technology Committee. If that panel votes to move forward with the firms, the AQMD governing board could vote on the contracts as soon as Dec. 6.

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I used to live in central OC and would visit Corona del Mar State Beach with my family.  Over 20 years ago I was fortunate enough to move one block away.  The beach was and still is a PUBLIC STATE BEACH.  The beach is one of the last affordable activities for a family.  This beach belongs to all of us, not just the self-important idiots on Breakers Drive.  The beach goers are mostly families enjoying a day at the ocean.  They are typically hard working folks enjoying a day off with their families.  I am disappointed that the Newport City Council, AQMD and Coastal Commission decided to represent Breakers Drive residents and not the citizens of California who actually own the beach.


Don't be fooled by the smoke issue.  The elitist homeowners on Breakers Drive don't care about the smoke.  It is just their convenient argument to keep people off what they perceive as their private beach.  A cheaper alternative that would make them happier is posting signs that read, "Go Home if You Don't Live on Breakers Drive."


Thin-skinned Richie Rich in his beach house can't stand the smell of smoke from campfires so we peasants get to pay for a more expensive and dangerous alternative so he won't be bothered...until one of the gas lines explodes.


What? Really? and, Are you fucking serious?

Who is going to supply the gas and pay for it?

Who is going to maintain the fire ring burners?

gas burners on an exposed salt beach are not going to last very long.

paullucas714 topcommenter

@cdmresident That's no shit. Its the guys that ove right there who don't want the great unwashed to enjoy the beach. Fuck those guys. They knew the rings were there when they bought their investments and they should just shut up b4 we rise up and tax them out of their income brackets.



Just like Geffen and those other snobs in Malibu acting like they have a right to limit access to the public beach there...even went so far as to put up a gate...say it's a "safety" issue. Yeah, right.

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