Orange County Cocaine Transporter Working For Mexican Dealer: I'm Guilty

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A 28-year-old Yorba Linda man who transported large quantities of cocaine in Southern California for a Mexican drug dealer admitted his guilt this week inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse.

Victor Hugo Fletes became a target of a 2012 FBI complaint after the drug transporter working in convenience store parking lots in Anaheim attracted the 2011 attention of task force officers at the Orange County Regional Narcotics Suppression Program (RNSP).

Agents put Fletes under surveillance, observed his connections and eventually launched traffic stops where a K-9 unit discovered an electronically-controlled, hidden compartment in one of the used vehicles, according to an FBI report.

A search of Fletes' Yorba Linda residence found a storage space beneath a staircase, the location of 24, one-kilogram bags of cocaine.

Fletes told agents he was paid $1,000 for deliveries.

Much of the possession with intent to distribute cocaine case has been conducted in secrecy.

However, Fletes--who is the custody of U.S. marshals--has a scheduled March 3 sentencing date with U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna.

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18usc241 topcommenter

Week 111 and no answers yet from the Orange County DA 's office or the cities of Garden Grove or Anaheim as to why Stan Knee, Brad Gates , Randall Gaston entered into a conspiracy to cause me harm starting precisely around the time I was working for a WW 2 hero on surveillance state type projects in Colombia.

By the way Happy Veterans Day.

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