California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014 Gains Ground For Next November

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Jay Brockman
Last week, the California Secretary of State's office officially cleared the way for what could be a chance for state voters to catch up with Colorado and Washington states and legalize recreational marijuana. Supporters of the so-caled "California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014" will have until February 24 of next year to collect 504,760 signatures in order to qualify the ballot proposal for a November vote.

If passed, the law would not only decriminalize the possession, sale and distribution of cannabis for either medical or recreational purposes, but also require the state to do what the feds say needs to happen to avoid further crackdowns--namely license and regulate the state's marijuana industry.

There are other important provisions as well. A portion of the revenue generated would go to medical research on marijuana, and treatment would be open to patients of any age. Employers and insurers would also be banned from using pot tests to discriminate against cannabis consumers.

Even more importantly, though, cities would be prohibited from collaborating with federal authorities in enforcing marijuana bans, and a case-by-case review of people convicted of non-violent, marijuana-related cases would be mandated.

You can read more about the proposed law here.

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I have voted yes on all the MJ initiatives but there is one thing to remember. These things don't get voted down because of the ultra right wingers. They get voted down for two reasons. First most people don't vote. The only people that do are older more conservative folks. Second, who do you thinks funds the opposition. Who has the most to lose. It is the cartels from Mexico. Legalize it here and they are out a lot of money. Don't fool yourself they pour money into these thing to defeat them. But bottom line is vote you idiot or leave this country. It is a right that only 30% of the world has and we don't respect it.


Orange County will be one of the first in the State to sign!

First signatures were this past weekend at UC Berkeley Greek Theatre!

We can mobilize the state and topple the prohibition of the Cannabis Hemp Plant!

This can really happen! Orange County needs to be at the forefront of this movement !

Orange County has the power to make this CCHI 2014 really happen!

Let's get major support down there !

We will be hitting the streets this weekend in San Fran at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass!

paullucas714 topcommenter

Im getting  a case of petitions delivered to my house tonight.


This is a great step forward. Lets get out and get those signatures. No fighting among're all pretty


For more info, to volunteer, or contribute, visit 

paullucas714 topcommenter

@jeffh1077 I now have the petitions in hand. Please contact me so you can get your packet to help gather signatures ot help us get this measure on the ballot in 2014.

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