South County High School That Banned 'Freaking' Now Bans Twerking

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The twerking fighting Apple IIs!

Twerking, the ass-shaking dance move born out of New Orleans bounce music, has existed since the early '90s, but it's new down in South County where the administration at Aliso Niguel High School in Aliso Viejo has banished it from campus.

Twerk Team wannabes south of the toll roads will have to find a new place to show off. No word yet about whether or not the ratchet infestation that's been apparently hounding the campus has cleared up.

Photo from German Federal Archives

The new rule was announced in an email sent to students and parents last week ahead of last Saturday's homecoming dance. In addition to the ban on twerking, the kids at ANHS couldn't grind or bend over and had to keep both feet on the ground and only touch each other at the waist or shoulders.

Good news though, they could still Krump, Harlem Shake and do The Twist.

This isn't the first time ANHS has explicitly banned a dance from campus. In 2006, the school banned "freaking" after some students apparently got too hot for the administration to handle. No other schools in Capistrano Unified School District have a ban on twerking, rather favoring blanket bans on sexually suggestive dancing.

ANHS likes to stay hip though, so I can't wait to see what dance they're going to ban next. The Cat Daddy? The Running Man? Maybe all-female ballet troupes? Here's looking to 2020, when we'll get to find out.

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I'd much rather see "Twerking" and "Freaking" than "Slam Dancing"! Booty-shakin' is one thing...trying to tackle someone and call it "dancing" is quite another.

Juanita Mankuleiyo
Juanita Mankuleiyo

Nothing like scrolling down FB and seeing the seal of your old HS as the main photo for an OC Weekly story. This is the same high school that tried (and succeeded in some cases) to force out pregnant girls during the mid-90's so that other girls wouldn't follow suit and get knocked up.

Johanna Soifua
Johanna Soifua

Uhh, "freaking" started in the Good 'ole 80's! :)

Paul Rudman
Paul Rudman

but can they teach me how to Dougie?

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