Scott Ruvolo, Ex-Asst. Track Coach at Calvary Chapel High, Shot Secret Video of Women Undressing With Whom We Want to Talk: DA

See the update at the end of this post with prosecutors describing criminal video allegedly found in Scott Ruvolo's possession and asking female victims to come forward.

ORIGINAL POST, OCT. 17, 4:42 P.M.: Not sure if Chuck Smith is in his grave yet but he's no doubt rolling over the news that an assistant track coach at Calvary Chapel High School in Santa Ana has been arrested for allegedly taking cell phone videos of women changing their clothes in a Salvation Army thrift store.

Scott Ruvolo, 56, of Victorville, was arrested at the store at 16119 Brookhurst St., Fountain Valley, according to police records.

City News Service, citing the report, states that Ruvolo is accused of recording three females changing clothes just prior to his arrest, and that his cell phone also contained video from June and July of women walking around in a Target store and a Starbucks.

Fountain Valley Police ask that anyone who believes they have been victimized by Ruvolo or who have more information that can help detectives call 714.593.4480.

UPDATE, OCT. 25, 12:08 P.M.: The Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) has issued a public plea for female victims to come forward in the case against Calvary Chapel High's former assistant track coach Scott Douglas Ruvolo, 56, of Victorville.

Scott Ruvolo

Right now, he is charged with one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct of attempting to secretly film another for allegedly trying to record video of a woman changing clothes inside a thrift store dressing room in Fountain Valley. He is scheduled to be arraigned in Westminster Monday and faces up to three months in jail with a conviction.

But Ruvolo had in his possession videos depicting other unidentified females undressing as well as young teenage and adult females in department stores, restaurants, and parks, according to the OCDA. Given his job around students that age at the private Christian high school, that raises the potential for even more victims.

Anyone with information that can help the ongoing investigation is asked to contact Fountain Valley Police Detective Jesse Hughes at 714.593.4480 or Supervising District Attorney Investigator Lee Smith at 714.834.7538.

Meanwhile, the OCDA released this narrative of the incident that resulted in Ruvolo's arrest:

At approximately 7:20 p.m. on July 11, 2013, Ruvolo is accused of entering the Salvation Army Family Store in Fountain Valley, going inside a dressing room stall, and preparing his cell phone to record video. Ruvolo is accused of placing the cell phone inside his shoe and sliding it under a dressing room stall next to him, which was occupied by 24-year-old Jane Doe. The defendant is accused of grabbing the shoe containing the cell phone and walking out of the store after Jane Doe had seen it while she was undressing.

A Fountain Valley Police Department (FVPD) officer arrived at the scene and arrested the defendant in a nearby residential neighborhood.

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Orange County news and information. Independent and non profit
Orange County news and information. Independent and non profit

Chief Frank McCoy ---- Brenda Sue McCoy OCEANSIDE'S CHIEF DIRTY COP'S WIFE SETS UP ARMED AMBUSH ON CYPRESS POLICE OFFICERS - ITS NOT THE FIRST TIME - & HUBBY FRANK LIED ABOUT IT !! On Thursday, December 16, 2010, following a series of family disputes, Brenda Sue McCoy, wife of Oceanside Police Chief Frank McCoy made a 911 emergency call to the Cypress Police. Brenda McCoy told the Cypress Police that she needed help. Sgt. Bruce of the Cypress Police stated that at approximately 7:00pm, when Cypress Police Officers arrived at the McCoy residence, they found Brenda Sue McCoy highly emotionally disturbed, and armed with a semi-automatic gun. Bruce stated that responding police were aware that the residence was that of Oceanside Police Chief Frank McCoy. Cypress Police Officers took cover behind police cars as Brenda McCoy screamed at police and waved the gun in the air. Brenda McCoy pointed the gun at the residence ceiling, and her own head, before zeroing in on the Cypress Police Officers, and opening fire. Brenda Sue McCoy fired two rounds at police as she retreated into the residence. Brenda Sue McCoy, wife of Oceanside Police Chief Frank McCoy, had used a 911 emergency call, to set up an armed ambush, on Cypress Police Officers. The Cypress Police Swat Team was called in to handle an armed barricaded suspect. The result was a three hour stand off, with the armed suspect Brenda Sue McCoy inside the residence. The Swat Team stand off only ended with the firing of non-lethal bean bag weapons at suspect Brenda McCoy to get her into custody. Chief Frank McCoy arrived back at the residence shortly after the police stand off started. Sgt Bruce declined to comment on the presence of Chief McCoy at the residence shortly before, or during the 911 emergency call Brenda McCoy made requesting help. Cypress Police, and the Orange County District Attorneys Office were asked if the on going criminal corruption investigations involving Chief Frank McCoy, and the Oceanside Police Department, where connected to Brenda McCoy setting up an armed ambush on Cypress Police Officers. Both agencies declined comment, citing state privacy laws, and an ongoing criminal investigation. Brenda Sue McCoy was taken into custody and charged with five felony counts of Assault With A Semi-Automatic Firearm On Police Officers, and two felony counts of Discharging A Firearm With Gross Negligence. Brenda Sue McCoy was later released on a $250,000. 00 bond. The seven felony counts have a potential prison sentence of fifty-eight years. All details surrounding what led up to the shooting and the involvement of Chief Frank McCoy are being actively suppressed at this time. It is not know at this time, if the on going publication of a two year criminal corruption investigation involving Chief Frank McCoy, the Oceanside Police Department, and City Council where a factor in the armed criminal ambush of police officers by Brenda McCoy. This reporter, as a former police officer, has observed many family disputes that resulted in violence against the husband, the wife, or some other innocent person. Family disputes always involve two or more persons. However, for the wife of an active Chief Of Police to set up an armed ambush, on innocent police officers, requires an extreme amount of emotional hate and distrust. In this reporters opinion, Chief Frank McCoy should have been terminated long ago for criminal corruption in Oceanside, CA. In this criminal incident he should have been suspended, at the very least, until a full criminal investigation of his involvement in this police ambush is completed. The Oceanside City Council, as usual, turned a blind eye to all criminal corruption involving Oceanside Police Officers, Firemen, or Council Members. Some for extra campaign finance money, some for fear.

Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson

I agree the story needs to be told!!... the timing is just a little unsavory ... and I don't believe there was anything "nut job" about Mr. Smith... do your research @alexloop ... he was a caring giving man... all religion etc aside

Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson

you're all fairly educated...figure it out? and try having some manners and couth once in a while?

OC Weekly
OC Weekly

And that family member would be...

Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson

The writers of the Oc weekly have no class @timmumzymummert from a family member of someone who has been disgustingly represented in their publications I can say they have no class or desire to screen their info before they publish it

Tim Mumzy Mummert
Tim Mumzy Mummert

Real classy. Post this right in the middle of Pastor Chucks memorial service.

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