Accused Seal Beach Salon Killer Scott Dekraai Sued For Wrongful Death

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The surviving daughter and son of the key target of an accused madman, who viciously murdered eight people at a Seal Beach salon in Oct. 2011, this week filed a wrongful death lawsuit against shooter Scott Evans Dekraai.

According to the lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court, Chelsea Huff of Los Alamitos and her brother Chad Huff of Long Beach seek unspecified monetary damages from Dekraai, who faces murder charges for killing his 47-year-old, ex-wife, Michelle Fournier, in a child custody dispute.

Fournier was the mother of Chelsea and Chad Huff, who say the killing at Salon Meritage resulted in them not just losing precious years with their mother, but also having to altering their lives and incur substantial expenses to care for their half-brother, Dominic.

Fournier's adult children also incurred large medical bills from the killings that were a result of Dekraai's "negligence, carelessness, recklessness, wantonness and unlawfulness."

In the seven-page complaint filed by Lake Forest-based attorney Susan P. Sneidmiller, the plaintiffs seek damages including for emotional distress and economic losses as determined at a future trial.

The case has been assigned to veteran Superior Court Judge Franz Miller in the county's Central Justice Center in Santa Ana.

Dekraai, a Huntington Beach resident and former fishing boat captain, is locked inside the Theo Lacy Jail near The Block in Orange on a no-bail warrant.

His next appearance in criminal court is scheduled for Jan. 17.

Relatives of other victims of the killings have also filed wrongful death lawsuits against the defendant.

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Gerardo Robles
Gerardo Robles

When I heard about this incident I was hoping it was the same location that my ex worked at. Sucks that there were innocent people that lost there lives to this dudes actions.

Mike Hobbs
Mike Hobbs

One can only wish that he would be allowed in to General Population for 30 minutes one day....and let the inmates take care him the way this asshole deserves to be taken care of

Vanessa Magana
Vanessa Magana

Veronica Wilson and Marie Alaniz thought of you ladies and your friends who passed when reading this article


Sadly they will most likely not see much money at all. : (

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

Um, He's in Jail awaiting Trial for MURDER, how is he gonna pay when he has no money? He ain't working anywhere and neither are 24,400 homeless people in Orange County California. 26 to 29 MILLION people are unemployed from coast to coast in the United States, RIGHT NOW, The EDD is not developing any jobs and neither is Costa Mesa Mayor Jim Righeimer. The City recently announced a $7 Million dollar surplus.


@tongue_twister_for_t boo whoo if unemployment is 25% that means 75% are working....and a surplus is for emergencys not to give to people for pushing a broom in circles. I suggest you do less ranting and more reading your world view is off because of you i.q.


He does have money!  Owns property and received a settlement from a tugboat accident!

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