Meet Orange County's Sex-Crazed, Embarrassed Minute Man Rapist Burglar

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Villanueva: I'm easily pleased. Is that a terrible crime?
Behind the thick, taxpayer-funded walls, ridiculously paranoid security and sterile, morgue-like setting that fails to resemble desired stately decor, justices inside the California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana sometimes can be quietly comical.

Take, for example, the case of Orange County burglar/rapist with the Charlie Sheen hair: Dexter Tagudin Villanueva.

Officers in the Anaheim Police Department arrested Villanueva for the August 2009 assault on a woman who arrived home after work when her husband was away on a business trip.

A knife-weilding Villanueva, who wore a bandana to mask the lower portion of his face, confronted the startled woman and demand obedience.

"I want your money and I want your pussy," he told her, according to court records. "I'm going to kill you. Just do what I say. Just comply and enjoy."

The defendant then stripped the victim and began to lick her breasts and vagina.

"Sweet pussy, sweet pussy," he moaned, shoving a finger he'd used to repeatedly penetrate the woman's vagina into her mouth after she said she was dehydrated and wanted a glass of water, according to court records.

Now, that you've got a taste of this particular criminal case you can appreciate the potent dig three male justices--Raymond Ikola, William Rylaarsdam and, arguably the most witty judge in the United States, William Bedsworth--delivered to Villanuevea in recently rejecting his desire for a reversal of his conviction.

The justices pontificated about the facts of the case and the legal points before noting that Villanuevea, who tried to insert a limp dick for intercourse, demanded that his victim get him erect by oral copulation and then--drum roll--the climax of this tale.

"[The defendant] forced her to suck his penis for about a minute [my emphasis]," they acutely observed. "When the defendant removed his penis from [the victim's] mouth, she tasted something bitter."

Of course, the justices' factual recounting wasn't meant to belittle the crime.

After all, the woman had been terrorized and suffered injuries to her body before the despicable thug stole $100 from her purse and fled.

Upshot: Villanuevea, 49, will continue to serve a 35 years to life sentence inside Salinas Valley State Prison in Soledad.

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