Mike Scioscia on The Hot Seat with Wally George!: VIDEO

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Photo by Christopher Victorio
I only saw the last hour and a half of KDOC-TV Channel 56's epic Wally George special (and do check out our oral history of Wally George on newsstands this week, wontcha?), but what a show it was. Man, how I miss Wally--that old guy who used to sit with him, all the hot women and crazy men, the hilarious audience, and even former California governor Gray Davis, who appeared in 1985 and had the same head of hair...except it was black-brown.

But the best surprise guest was none other than boring ol', straight-laced Anaheim Angels manager Mike Scioscia. WHAAAA?!

Scioscia didn't actually speak--he was sitting in the audience as former Los Angeles Dodgers teammate Steve Sax got on the podium to rail about herpes and AIDS and other STDs in reference to whoever the guest was (both the YouTube clip below and what they showed on KDOC's special doesn't show that part). But kudos to Scioscia for doing this--over 20 years later, it remains the coolest thing he's ever done.

Anyhoo, here's the clip: SICK SICK SICK!

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So is that or is it not Scioscia? It does kinda lool like him....

Jay Lukes
Jay Lukes

No Scioscia anywhere in that clip. Steve Sax is hilarious, though


I remember when this aired and have been kinda waiting for it to surface at some point.  I remember Sax saying some, uh, very un-PC statements (I'm being polite)....in all apparent seriousness, and being rather shocked by it.  Would like to see the whole clip (again).  Different times.  Hopefully he is a different person.

n2bigmuscle topcommenter

loved those Saturday nights with my high school buddies.  My son says Wally is an angry Christian that talks over his guests.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

Over 20 years later, Scioscia is still on the hot seat. AR-TE! AR-TE! AR-TE!


Still can't find Scioscia in this clip.


@1000Steps I can't find him either.  Could someone please help us find him.  Give us a time count and area of the screen.  

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