Former Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway to Announce Mayoral Run in Orange County Register

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The worst-kept secret in Orange County politics will be revealed in the pages of the Orange County Register, according to sources at the paper, when former Anaheim councilwoman Lorri Galloway will announce she's running for mayor.

Galloway has told allies that she plans to officially announce via Register columnist Frank Mickadeit tomorrow--and she's already telling them that she believes she can win, viewing current Anaheim mayor Tom Tait as a lame duck who has little support from conservatives in the city and thinking she can peel off the liberals and progressives who have stood by Tait as he has emerged as the lone council voice against the Curt Pringle machine that rules the city. The move will shatter the strange alliance that has coalesced around Tait, and probably ensure that whoever Pringle gets to run against Tait and Galloway will win.

Her move is not universally loved by progressive activists who have sided with Tait, and must now publicly distance themselves from him once the unions start filing behind Galloway. Ooh, this is going to be fun!

I've actually never dealt with Galloway, even in my years covering Anaheim, but what's always struck me about her is that she's quite polarizing. The people who are her acolytes think she can be the rabble-rouser that'll lead OC into the Promised Progressive Land; the people who don't like her HATE her, for reasons I've never quite understood. When Galloway first ran for council in 2004, the haters handed me a binder of stuff that they said proved her non profit, the Eli Home (which helps abused women) was a den of corruption. I never saw it, so have given her little thought ever since.

The one thing I do know about her is hubris: Galloway ran for Supervisor in 2010 and got trounced, finishing in fourth place and even getting beat by longtime Buena Park councilmember Art Brown, whose only name recognition in Orange County is his awesome beard. Then, as now, she ran specifically to cockblock someone else--in those days, then-clerk-recorder Tom Daly--in a move that ensured the Dems would lose. Let's see what happens this time around...

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Vern, I think we agreed you are an idiot to believe that. Tait was EVER going to swap, that was complete horseshit made up by Lorri to undermine Tom and she continued shoveling it even after he told her NO. Get a clue. 

Gustavo, I must disagree, Galloway is not a threat to Tait and Pringle can run anyone he wants they are not taking the Mayor's seat. That sounds arrogant, but look at the conditions lined up during this election. 

Wildly popular incumbent Mayor, like insanely popular. I have been out with the Taits, and it never fails people flock to them like rock stars, they want photos taken with them, they hug Tom and Julie, and Julie is the ace in the hole, she remembers the names of your kids and where they went to school, you cannot buy that kind of goodwill. Good luck dislodging that popularity with glossy mailers. 

The union is still pissed at Galloway for blaming them for her failure to gather signatures during "let the people vote" which is indicative of her failure to run for office in 2014, she could not get the signatures done even with an issue that resonated with voters, with seed money provided in advance. She needs more votes to win a Mayor's seat than signatures for a Referendum, how is she doing that against a wildly popular Mayor in a year when she doesn't have Dem voters showing up for Presidential votes carrying her along? Tait has given voters no reason to hate him, the bickering at City Hall is inside baseball stuff that the average voter is unaware of, and on public opinion he is on the winning side of Stadium, Gardenwalk, and the stupid streetcar. She has to work to get that message out about herself, or go negative on Tait. Good luck. 

The chick is a losing bet, and smart groups are not going to throw that money into the pot. Even with Galloway in the race Kring cannot win, and her recent votes are so contrary to the GOP base beliefs, as well as giving an even bigger black eye to the party trying desperately to shake the good ol boys image of self enrichment, the Republicans cannot abandon Tom for Lucille, the worst you can say about the guy is he refuses to line the pockets of big corporate interests, how do you spin that to drop the chick who DOES vote for the corporate giveaways without looking like the selfish greedy bastards that the liberals are already painting the GOP as being? Not gonna happen. 

Sorry, Lorri has a loser on this one just like the Supe race, and the handful of people at her election night party can enjoy the musical stylings of Vern Nelson and his keyboard, I will be in the corner of some hotel ballroom, splitting a bottle of champagne with Julie Tait, you know, Tom's wife, the woman who has steadfastly defended Lorri Galloway against all nastiness, even standing up to me on her behalf, the woman who just saw the recipient of her generous spirit slip a knife into her husband's back. Galloway is about to be about as hated as Murray, and that is saying something. 


I heard in addition to a new dentist, Lorri is now desperately searching for a dead baby to manipulate into a campaign strategy!


"I never saw it", is that saw the Binder, or saw the 'corruption'?

Chris J Caroselli
Chris J Caroselli

Meh, she's over the hill. Although I voted for her during city council, the last thing Anacrime needs is another opportunistic democrat running the show and pandering to the latinos.


Jeez, Mikadick, I would have thought that her go to guy "Lapband" Dan Chmilewinski would have gotten the nod for this blockbuster announcement. With a readership of almost 8 his blog would be the natural.

n2bigmuscle topcommenter

She is recycled trash.  If it wasn't for the sefies on the internet, I would run for mayor.


City politics is differen so she migh have a chance. but Anaheim politics is going to changed as you moved into the 2020's. Mexicans are the largest group, you have Arabs and other groups. Whites have been declining in the city for sometime, now about 27 percent. Not many people are moving in the Hills, so eventually the Republicans will not dominate . Its not Santa Ana but its not Mission Viejo either.

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