OC DA Goes Elliot Ness on 909, Raids IE Offices of Obama Donor and Former Lawyers for Costa Mesa PD Union

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Since when did Tony Rackauckas decide to get raid-y all of a sudden? He let political corruption fester for most of his tenure (read: Mike Carona) until last week, when he decided to go Eliot Ness on two cases representing different ends of the political spectrum.

The first case is the one with bigger local political ramifications: a Thursday raid at the Upland offices of Lackie, Dammeier, McGill & Ethir, the former law firm currently getting sued by Costa Mesa Mayor Jim Righeimer for a set-up gone horribly wrong.

As reported by the San Bernardino Sentinel, OC DA investigators hauled off boxes of files in what's believed to be an ongoing criminal investigation into the firm (Riggy's suit is in civil court). The firm, of course, was known for its hard-fisted (and ham-) efforts to protect dirty cops across the state at all times.

The other Rackauckas raid is a bit stranger and reeks more of the traditional partisan politics practiced by the OC DA's office throughout the decades: an investigation into Landmark Medical Management, an Ontario company run by mega-Obama-and-Democrats donor Kareem Ahmed. What Ahmed has to do with a criminal investigation in OC at this time remains unknown, but Talking Points Memo (which broke the news of the Ahmed raid) exposed Landmark Medical Management last year as exploiter's of a worker's compensation. As far as we know, though, the OC DA's office has never done much research into worker's comp fraud--and if they're suddenly interested, why go all the way to Ontario? Hell, scratch the GOP surface here in OC, and you'll find reams of it--ah, but that would mean investigating Republican corruption in OC, and Tony Rack don't do that.

The best quotes in both stories, of course, go to OC DA spokesperson Susan Kang Schroeder, who is such an awesome ice queen even when she has not comment. To TPM, she said, "I'm not going to confirm or deny" whether her office raided Ahmed's business; to the Sentinel, she said, "We are not confirming that activity took place or that we are involved in it." BURN...

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JGlanton topcommenter

I don't know what Tony R. is up to, but it's hilarious to watch the OCWeekly spin an investigation of a corrupt democat donor into republican corruption because they might be doing the investigating. You guys rock.

Perhaps it has something to do with medicine?

A drug compounding company caused the meningitis outbreak in Massachusetts last year.

Other compounding companies have caused eye infections, fetal problems, bad chemotherapy drugs, bad Viagra, and various contaminated medicines.

Responding to the recent NECC meningitis outbreak, health officials and lawmakers have said that compounding pharmacies can "fall into a regulatory black hole."

18usc241 topcommenter

About the only unanswered question that I have Mr. District Attorney : Are the civilian criminals your law enforcement community pals around with - do they have their own union representation?

18usc241 topcommenter

Great. Now, Mr. Rackauckas continue the job you only barely began with this police community. They seem to he under the impression that it's their birthright to act like mafia trash criminals in between policing. And they keep a most vile company.

Greg Ridge
Greg Ridge

No mention of the illegal billing practices. Most of the organizations scammed by this law firm were from the IE. Why wasn't Ramos involved? I find it hard to believe TRack raided this for Riggy's civil suit.

Travis Yarbrough
Travis Yarbrough

He likes to call the Feds in on Marijuana Dispensaries too .... Then blame it on The President. Works on most Republicans and racists, I mean OC residents ....

Daaron Lees
Daaron Lees

How does he have jurisdiction in the IE!?!?!

18usc241 topcommenter

I could personally care less which political party an Orange County corrupt sociopathic crook and predator belongs to. As long as they ultimately reside next to Mike Carona. If people like you really knew how hypocritical and how much contempt your politicians and cops/Sherrifs have for EVERYONE in this County you would be standing hand in hand with Hispanics shedding light on this garbage masquerading as integrity. It's your taxpayer money that is being used to commit fraud after fraud. And they expect you to love and respect them.

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