Josh Waring, Son of Former Real Housewife Lauri Waring, Reported Busted for Auto Theft

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Josh Waring, from one of his early booking photos.
The son of one of the former Real Housewives of Orange County has reportedly gotten into trouble with the law again.

Josh Waring, the son of Lauri Waring, was apparently popped Oct. 10 for felony grand theft auto involving a 2005 Cadillac that was not his.

But wait, there's more, because there's always more with Josh.

TMZ reports he was also charged with possession of an opium pipe and needles and with trying to destroy evidence (said needles).

Waring's wife was also arrested for possession of a billy club, TMZ adds.

Here's a blast from the Weekly's deja vu all over again past:

Josh Waring, Son of One of The Real Housewives of Orange County Jailed Yet Again

That describes how Waring got picked up on a warrant for a probation violation, in a July 2010 post that went up nearly a year to the day after a previous post appeared about Orange County sheriff's deputies doing on probation check of his Mission Viejo residence when drug paraphernalia was discovered. He was arrested on suspicion of possessing the kit and violating probation from yet another arrest.

Honestly, it's difficult to keep them all straight (TMZ counts at least five arrests). After famously being turned in to cops by his famous mom, Waring was popped in June 2008 for possession of heroin and Ecstasy and intent to sell. He served 240 days in jail.

He's also previously been busted for battery on a spouse or significant other and false imprisonment, both misdemeanors.

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Look at that 'hard look' he gives for his mug shot! That's too funny because you can see that he's really about to start crying because he knows he's going to soon be housed with some of California's finest [sic].

Joe Smith
Joe Smith

Motherfuckers need to work for a living instead of getting handouts. All they do is drugs, shop, & "hang out". Fucking puck ass bitches. Hopefully lil' Beeyotch gets turned out. You know he's getting "taxed" if he isn't in PC.


Unfortunately he and his "wife" have a baby - where is that baby now?   I have spoken to Josh many times because of my documentary on rx abuse.  He is an addict that needs serious help.  He's of legal age - so he is either going to get clean or face the alternative.  Addiction is a disease - he needs help/

Irene Mendoza
Irene Mendoza

According the article he's been arrested quite a bit. Rich kid problems... LOL!

Irene Mendoza
Irene Mendoza

If she makes any appearances next season, Vicky's gonna throw this shit at her. LOL!

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