Meet Orange County Gym Locker Thief Jessica Lau

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In Feb. 2012, an Irvine woman went to her gym, stored her belongings in a locker, worked out and returned to find everything valuable stolen.

Locker burglaries are common and almost always unsolved, but occasionally we get a glimpse of a jackass involved in this annoying crime.

Meet Jessica Janet Kuuipo Lau.

About a month after the gym burglary, an Orange County Sheriff's Department deputy working a heavy prostitution area 16 miles away in Stanton searched a motel room used by Lau and found the gym victim's property.

In fact, Lau had signed the back of a recovered check made payable to the victim.

She admitted to deputies that she is a drug dealer and middle person in the trafficking of stolen property.

But that's not what landed her in most trouble.

Deputies also found in the room illegal supplies of Xanax, Vicodin, methamphetamine, plastic baggies, used pipes and scales.

In July 2012, a jury convicted Lau of being a drug dealer and fencing stolen property.

After her conviction, justices at the California Court of Appeal in Santa Ana asked Lau if she disputed the outcome of her trial. She recently did not bother to respond.

Upshot: The 44-year-old woman is serving a six-year sentence in the Orange County Jail.

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paullucas714 topcommenter

I thought 3 years was the max one could do in ocj with realignment?

Geof Dail
Geof Dail

"I really like the drawn-on eyebrows look. They look so much better than the real thing!" -No one, ever.

Geof Dail
Geof Dail

Jessica? Are you sure it isn't Jesse?

Fkkn Ericc
Fkkn Ericc

another "Eyebrow model"...... Esso!


The LA Fittness off of Jamboree, has a Thief there as well. A friend of mine had this wallet (with cash and cc in there) a 5000.00 watch along with his phone all stolen from the locker, just two weeks ago -

: (


Mr. Moxley,

I know some will say it's silly to give people credit for doing the right thing, but I want to thank you for writing a report on a lady criminal and not making rude remarks about her looks.

She IS a jackass, though. :-)

n2bigmuscle topcommenter

California Court of Appeal in Santa Ana  - I guess they don't have enough work to do if they can ask about a convicts feelings?  This state wastes so much money on "feelings".

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