Jason Ara Erpinar, "MySpace Rapist" Who Had Deal to Do 15 Years for 3 Rapes, Gets 24 Years

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Talk about a bad roll of the dice: The 24-year-old Yorba Linda man known as the "MySpace rapist," who under a deal with prosecutors pleaded guilty in August 2011 in exchange for 15 years in prison, only to withdraw his plea two months later and represent himself at the second trial where he tried to argue sex with the victims was consensual, was sentenced Friday to the maximum punishment allowed under the law. "It's very deserving," Deputy District Attorney Mark Birney said of the 24 year prison term Judge James Rogan ordered for Jason Ara Erpinar.

Jason Ara Erpinar, MySpace Rapist Who Previously Pleaded Guilty, is Convicted Again

The second trial ended Aug. 30, 2012, with a jury finding Erpinar guilty of raping three women, who of whom he'd met through MySpace.

Besides the max years behind bars, Rogan also ordered Erpinar to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

The judge had heard what Birney told City News Service was "a very powerful, very emotional statement" from one victim, who explained the emotional not only from the rape but having to come to court to be cross-examined by Erpinar, whose victims were 17, 18 and 22 at the time of his attacks. In two of the rapes, Erpinar had plied his victims with alcohol, causing one of them to vomit.

"He is a very difficult defendant to deal with," Birney said. "He's a narcissistic, sociopathic, serial rapist. He is without sympathy for anyone else's feelings whether they are physical or emotional."

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Finally!!!! He is behind bars!!!!! I knew this kid and his mom in High School! The DA described Jason AKA Juice perfectly. His is exactly like his adopted mom, she's crazy too always believed Jason. 


He was called Juice in high school because he was on 'roids the last two years, at least. Freshman year he got caught in my science class taking pictures up girls skirts with a camera phone, and though the quality of pictures was poor (camera phones were fairly new in 2004) the point is that he was doing it and our science teacher did nothing when she caught him. Maybe if she had reprimanded him properly then this all could have been avoided.


aka JUICE on myspace.. shirtless default with a lollipop. everyone round here hated this tool ..showed up to parties uninvited..I remember in aliso he got beat up one time for trying to touch a girl. good riddance JUICE

tongue_twister_for_t topcommenter

So tell me if the DA can go Elliott Ness on a guy like this then why won't they go after an attorney that's abusing her power because she swindled me out of a lot of money by accusing me of having a disorder that I don't have and she filed a malicious Unlawful Detainer Eviction Action against me as well as a Writ of Possession and confiscated all of my property and left me sitting on the streets with nothing.


holy  crap!!...there is  still a myspace?

949girl topcommenter

He looks like an arrogant jerk just from his mugshot. Unless you are very intelligent and educated (and just assuming by his age and faux-hawked appearance he isn't) you really do have to be very arrogant and narcissistic to think you can represent yourself in a criminal trial.  It definitely sounds like he got what he deserved the second time around.

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